DrGL® has received rave reviews and more importantly, has made a difference to its users.


DrGL® has received rave reviews and more importantly, has made a difference to its users. Since its inception, DrGL® skincare has won critical acclaim and recognition, as attested by the numerous industry awards and accolades for its aesthetics practice, products and spa treatments. Discover for yourself why fans swear by it.


Beauty blogger, Alene @paperkitties - I know I'm in good hands, even when I'm halfway across the globe.


Beauty e-magazine, Daily Vanity @dailyvanity - DrGL's bestselling facial skincare products have us going ga-ga over their gorgeous green packaging! Each product is carefully formulated with active ingredients to effectively treat specific skin concerns.


Evonne @evonnz - Nothing like a relaxing facial to kickstart my week, thank you #DrGL #DrSpa for the much needed Repair & Rejuvenate Face Treatment!


New additions to my nightly skincare routine, can't wait to look less like a panda.


Writer, Host & Traveller, Jemma Wei @jemmawei - Excited to add these specialized travel skincare products to my skincare lineup.


YouTuber Night Owl Cinematics, Michelle Tan @mirchelley - Been using @drgl.skincare products for about two weeks now, I am so pleased with the lightening results: Blemishes have lightened significantly (trust me I've used so many products that didn't work) and a more even skintone overall. Didn't expect this set of skincare to work on me at all, so it was such a pleasant surprise.


International Make-up Artist, Celeste Sng @celeste_sng - Bye-bye dull skin with 2 pills a day! DrGL Skin Supplement Glow is suitable for both genders, all skin types and it contains all the multi-vitamins needed in a day. This multi-tasking supplement optimizes skin health, aid wound healing & reduces the progression of existing pigmentation.  Thank You Dr. Georgia Lee for creating amazing products and supplements!


Apple Wong – A must have for my travel essentials! - DrGL Skin Repair Dry skin tends to get drier and oily skin will get even oilier to compensate the dehydration while on board! (For my case, it gets super oily) So packing the right skin care is as equally important as your choice of outfit! - My ultimate choice will be DrGL Skin Repair. It improves smoothness of my skin and keep my skin hydrated all the time which ease all my worries! Thus, no more oily skin! #DRGLSQSnapWin


Audrey Goh – My travel essentials!  My must haves during my trips to keep me looking fresh! My #1 ultimate essential is the collagen essence! Keeps me hydrated and moisturised especially when in cold and dry places! #DRGLSQSnapWin #DrGLonSQ #DrGLonSingaporeAirlines


Yeo Shan Qi - It is important to wear sunscreen when you fly because of the UV radiation caused by elevation. That's why DR GL sun protection mist is a must-have when I'm on board, to protect me from those harmful UV rays! Its sleek spray bottle makes it very convenient and trendy for me to use it anytime anywhere. Its quick-dry formula leaves a matte and refreshing finish-off. Perfect! #DRGLSQSnapWin #DrGLonSQ #DrGLonSingaporeAirlines


Audrey Kim - Sharing my skincare travel essentials. Restore gel mask is a must have for long-haul flights! #1fan #DRGLSQSnapWin #DrGLonSQ #DrGLonSingaporeAirlines


Wayne Ng - My ultimate skincare essential definitely will be DrGL sun protection mist! A convenient mist spray sun protection that allows quick, easy application over large areas of skin. #DRGLSQSnapWin

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