3 Anti-Aging Facials To Lift And Firm The Skin

3 Anti-Aging Facials To Lift And Firm The Skin

As fine lines become more defined and skin along the jawline starts to sag, you know your skin needs a bit more help than your at-home facial to get it looking fresh and feeling firm again. On top of that, as the skin’s health is impaired, circulation slows down and that shows up as dull, tired-looking skin.

The intention is to achieve healthy looking skin at any age and not to look 10 years younger because that is only possible with plastic surgery. What you need for healthy skin is an anti-ageing facial. Done by trained aestheticians, such face treatments work to boost healthy skin functions and offer essential treats to get skin feeling firmer.

Firm Up and Tighten Facial Contours

DrSpa® Glow Mira Lift is a face treatment that works to lift, tighten and brighten your complexion in one session. Developed with 20 years of proven treatment protocol expertise, this facial is designed to stimulate collagen remodeling and cellular activity with the use of radio frequency, and preps the skin to better absorb skincare ingredients that follows. An ionwave technology further enhances the way active ingredients moves from one skin layer to another for healthy looking skin. Pure hyaluronic acid is used in the facial to provide and retain optimum moisture levels in the skin. Gold-plated derma-channelling from Korea uses tiny needles to purportedly enhance the delivery of active ingredients into the skin. It also helps to boost the regeneration and production of collagen and elastin so that your skin feels firmer, and the look of wrinkles, enlarged pores and scars are greatly reduced.

Lift and Brighten Skin

DrSpa® Platinum NanoPlus; this advanced skin treatment goes down to the cause of skin-ageing: free radicals. Free radicals are unstable atoms that can damage healthy cells, and cause ageing and illnesses. They are not only produced by our skin as a by-product, they are also produced by air pollutants and UV rays. The facial uses 99.99 per cent pure Platinum Nano colloids that have been found to destroy free radicals. Together with a good anti-ageing skincare routine and regular use of sunscreen, The Platinum NanoPlus face treatment makes an essential skin-guard for all skin conditions and skin types to slow down the formation of dark spots and wrinkles.

For Total Skin Rejuvenation

DrSpa® Needleless Threadlift is a non-invasive face-lifting and rejuvenating face treatment is set to make your skin look more lifted, firmer and tighter for more defined facial contours. It is also said to improve hydration levels in the skin and helps skin retain optimum moisture for more youthful looking day for up to 28 days. An alternative to an invasive facelift, this two-hour treatment combines the use of DermaThreads to decongest, lift and tighten skin, and a DermoJet PRO+ Technology to optimally deliver concentrated active ingredients via a High Pressure Jet Air. Liquid Lift, a concoction of DrGL® Moisture+ infused with High Concentration of Premium Pure Hyaluronic Acid, silk protein and powerful peptides deeply hydrates, boosts cell renewal and microcirculation, stimulates collagen production, repairs damaged skin and helps prevent future damage by strengthening skin. Think of this as a comprehensive skin revitalising treatment that will have you looking fresher and more youthful after one session.