3 Brightening Skincare Rules Everyone Should Know

3 Brightening Skincare Rules Everyone Should Know

#1 It’s Not About Going Lighter

A common misconception, brightening skincare is not about lightening or whitening your skin colour. The fact is we cannot, naturally, become fairer than the skin colour we were born with. Brightening skincare is to help you create a more evenly toned complexion that looks radiant, and to help you delay dark spot formation. No matter your skin colour, brightening products can get your skin glowing. (Note: People who are fair can look pale and dull.)

#2 Start Before You Spot A Spot

When we think about countering premature skin ageing, we—very often—forget that pigmentation is part of skin ageing. Sun exposure causes pigmentation, or brown spots, to form over time. Once a dark spot forms, it is much harder to get rid of.

The idea is to treat pigmentation the way we treat wrinkles—address them before they form. There are different types of brightening skincare products that can help to block pigment formation, neutralise free radicals that contribute to pigment production, and/or prevent pigment transfer to the skin surface. So, as you put together an age-delaying skincare routine, remember to include a skin-brightening product in the steps to counter current and prevent future spots.

#3 Use Vitamin C-infused Skincare

With the tons of brightening skincare available in the market, it can be difficult to decide what to use. One way to help you navigate the chaos is to pick vitamin C-based products. Vitamin C is a powerful antioxidant that has been extensively researched and is found to effectively reduce pigment formation and skin inflammation, and boosts healthy collagen production. This multi-tasking ingredient also helps to keep wrinkles at bay as it works to neutralise free radicals produced by UVA and UVB rays. (Read: UVA rays destroy skin’s building blocks like collagen and elastin, while UVB rays cause sunburn, skin mutations and skin cancer.)

To get you started on an anti-ageing skincare routine that counters wrinkles and pigmentation, check out the Lightening skincare range from DrGL. The vitamin C-infused line consists of the Cleanser Lightening, Cleanser Lightening Plus, Toner Lightening and Moisturiser All Skin Types.

The Cleanser Lightening is made with a high concentration of stabilised vitamin C called ascorbyl tetraisopalmitate. A newer type of vitamin C, this is an oil-soluble so it gets absorbed readily into the skin. Suitable for use on the face and body, the Cleanser Lightening Plus works like a scrub to remove dead skin cells and grime, and contains hyaluronic acid so it doesn’t dry out skin. Toner Lightening further boosts the skin; it has another type of vitamin C called sodium ascorbyl phosphate, which is highly stable and water soluble. Also made with sodium ascorbyl phosphate, the Moisturiser All Skin Types is a lightweight gel formula that only helps the skin stay moisturised, it also works to repair damaged skin and brighten your complexion.