3 Essential Beauty Treatments to Achieve the Perfect Summer Glow

3 Essential Beauty Treatments to Achieve the Perfect Summer Glow

Having summer all year round in Singapore doesn’t mean that we are all blessed with that sun-kissed radiance. That natural-looking luminosity is not something you can simply create with a little coral blush, bronzer or contouring powder. The key to all healthy-looking, summer complexions is firm skin that is hydrated, and stays hydrated.

Staying hydrated is something that becomes a real challenge for the skin as we get older. And that’s even if we consistently try to keep the skin hydrated with good skin hydrators. To give the skin a helping hand, you could give it a boost with non-invasive, no-downtime face treatments that hydrate the skin and do so more to give you that gorgeous summer glow.

For Tighter Skin, and A Serious Hydration Boost

DrSpa®’s Needless Threadlift face treatment works to tighten and firm up the skin by enhancing cell renewal, microcirculation, collagen production, skin cell repair and protection. It sends silk proteins and peptides, firming and repairing ingredients, deep into the skin with the use of a High Pressure Jet Air technology. The skin also gets a powerful hydration boost as a premium hyaluronic acid is added to the skin; this is said to help skin retain the most optimum moisture level for up to a month. Good for all skin types, this two-hour rejuvenating treatment also combines the use of DermaThreads to decongest, lift and tighten skin so that skin also looks brighter, clearer.

For Radiance That Lasts and Lasts

If you don’t have a specific skin issue but could never seem to achieve a healthy skin radiance, check out the DrSpa® Repair and Rejuvenate skin treatment. Also suitable for oilier skin types, this treatment delivers potent regenerative bio-phyto active ingredients deep into the skin with an ion-wave technology to wake up lagging skin functions. An advanced GEM technology works to repair, revitalise and rejuvenate your skin, leaving you with a complexion that is visibly more radiant and firmer after just one 90-minute session. We heard that this post-facial glow can last up to a week too!

For Lifting and Firming Saggy Skin Contours

For skin concerns that go beyond radiance and into the sagging territory, consider DrSpa®’s Lift face treatment. This two-hour treatment works to tighten loose skin with its CelluActiv Frequency (RF) Skin Therapy which use radiofrequency energy to heat up the deep skin tissues. This would trigger the skin to stimulate the natural production of collagen, which would then reduce the look of fine lines, wrinkles and loose skin, and also make your skin feel firmer and tighter. So, when your skin is firmer and more lifted, your complexion would also feel smoother, allowing light to better reflect off it to give you’re a healthy glow.