3 of the Easiest Ways to Get Glowing Skin

3 of the Easiest Ways to Get Glowing Skin

1. First, fake it till you make it… smooth

Think about how younger skin generally looks more luminous than mature skin. Nope, it isn’t an ageist thing and also because you should never equate skin age with real age – there are older people with healthy skin and younger people with dull, tired skin.

But in most cases, when skin is young, it tends to be smoother and softer. When light falls on something smooth, its rays travel in the same direction. On the other hand, if light falls on something rough or uneven (in skincare, that would mean skin with fine lines and roughness), the rays scatter in all directions.

If you apply this theory to your face, this means that the smoother your skin, the better light will reflect off it and make your complexion look more radiant.

This is how makeup products like primers and bases primarily work. They usually have ingredients that smooth out your skin tone on application. This way, light rays bounce off more evenly against your face for an instant glow.

2. Next, moisturise 24/7

But makeup is makeup; it’s still not your original state of skin. To keep it soft and smooth on a less superficial level, the basic trick is to keep skin hydrated. The obvious reason is you’ll get a dewy complexion right away. The less visible, long-term reason is moisture can keep your skin’s barrier function – also its topmost layer – healthy. And a healthy barrier function is underrated. If your skin’s first line of defence is healthy, your skin will look that way too – read: soft, smooth and even, and of course, radiant.

3. Spring clean skin… we mean, cleanse and exfoliate

It’s funny how skin works like the menstrual cycle. Skin has a 28-day cycle too, which means, almost every month, it will push up “new” cells from its deepest layers to the surface in order to keep itself looking as good as new. But what if your skin surface is clogged with stubborn dirty old cells? They’ll make your skin appear dull and the new cells will never get to carry out their takeover strategy. This is why some of us feel that we look more radiant after a good facial because the therapist has done a good amount of deep cleansing, toning and exfoliating, which is something most of us won’t have time or patience for at home.

One product that makes things easier is the DrGL® Post Cleanser Step 2. It’s a pre-serum that works as a mild chemical peel, particularly good on oily skin. But if the word “peel” scares you, you’ll be happy to know that this formula uses lactic acid which is known to hydrate skin more gently. Pat this on skin and then apply your regular serum and moisturiser. Done.

Former women’s magazine editor Pearlyn Tham bought her first foam cleanser and liquid foundation at the age of 13. More than 20 years later, she has since moved on to eye creams, liquid lipsticks and – her security blanket – sunscreens.

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One of Dr Georgia Lee’s personal favourites in her own skincare regime, DrGL® Post Cleanser Step 2 is a refreshing pre-serum that prepares your skin for all the benefits of your skincare that follows. Particularly great for oily skin, this refinishing serum uses Lactic Acid, also known as milk acid, to hydrate the skin and exfoliate without irritating