3 Reasons Behind Skin Damage

3 Reasons Behind Skin Damage

Find out the 3 reasons behind skin damage and how to prevent them.

1) Sun exposure

The sun (and we sure get a lot of it in this part of the world) has been blamed for many bad things in recent times, from skin cancer to pigmentation. If you don’t apply – and re-apply – adequate sun protection, UV damage can weaken elastin fibres in skin and cause premature ageing. This is when you see dry patches on your face as well as fine lines and faint wrinkles. In fact, as soon as your skin tans just a little, it is already going through some damaging changes deep within. Imagine the more severe damage caused when you actually do get sunburnt.

2) A weakened barrier function

Which brings us to this. Sun damage weakens something known as our skin’s barrier function. Like its name suggests, the barrier acts as a line of defence against external stressors such as pollution, UV exposure and so on.

How do you know if your barrier function is not healthy anymore? Your skin feels rough and dry, and looks more tired and “older”. It also becomes more sensitive and tends to itch, sting or feel unbearably “tight” when you apply skincare or cleanse it with a product that has alcohol or fragrance in it. Truth: weaken your barrier function and your skin gets damaged because its natural wall of defence has been compromised. But don’t just blame the sun for all this.

Even something as innocuous as over-exfoliating your skin or always washing your face with hot water can damage your skin barrier, and hence your skin. The solution: keep the barrier hydrated and plumped up by using a moisturiser diligently.

3) Hyperpigmentation

Dark spots can come about as a result of prolonged sun exposure and hormonal changes. But they can also form when your skin is irritated (cue barrier function once again). Producing excess melanin, which shows up as pigmentation, is really your skin’s natural way of protecting itself. This means that if you do not address the issues that cause skin damage in the first place, skin gets irritated easily, blemishes form and over time stay on as stubborn spots.

Former women’s magazine editor Pearlyn Tham bought her first foam cleanser and liquid foundation at the age of 13. More than 20 years later, she has since moved on to eye creams, liquid lipsticks and – her security blanket – sunscreens.

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