3 Reasons To Invest In A Good Cleanser

3 Reasons To Invest In A Good Cleanser

If you’re trying to get your skin to look flawless, we’ve got some inside news for you. Ready? Good skin starts with good cleansing. Allow us to explain.

Cleaning gunk off your face at the end of the day has got to be one of the best feelings. That combination of removing dirt and stress at the end of the day feels ah-mazing. What we don’t realise though, is that cleaning your face isn’t just cleaning your face. It’s way more than that. Going beyond the process of stripping your face of dirt, cleansers help to clean your face thoroughly (not harshly) while balancing your pH levels.

Instead of spending all that time and money investing on holy grail serums and moisturisers that everyone else *swears* by, it’s time to start paying attention to your cleansing routine because you’ll want to get step 1 of your skincare routine on point before reaching skin nirvana. Here’s how.

1. A good cleanser lays the strong foundation for your skincare regimen

As such, you’ll want to get the base right. The goal is to remove bacteria, oil and pollutants that your skin is exposed to throughout the entire day. Since cleansing essentially prepares your skin for the other steps of your skincare routine, there’s no point in slapping on the best moisturiser, serum and sunscreen when your skin hasn’t been thoroughly cleansed and prepped. In order for your skin to fully absorb key ingredients from the other stages of your skincare routine, you need to thoroughly remove build-up first. Proper cleansing + toner + serum + moisturiser = Healthy skin.

One of DrGL®’s award-winning cleansers, Cleanser Anti-Aging thoroughly rids skin of impurities without stripping it of essential moisture. A potent cocktail of multivitamins and antioxidants nourishes even while cleansing, prepping skin for the full benefits of skincare that follows.

2. The right type of cleanser can do wonders to your face

If you want your cleanser to work for you, it needs to be compatible with your skin type and condition. Get something that works for your skin rather than against it. Using the wrong cleanser might lead you to question your other skincare products for your skin issues. Not all cleansers are created equal, so choosing the right product for your skin type is essential. The goal? Remove the bad and leave the good. You want to remove makeup, dirt and build-up from the day without drying out your skin. Tip: Choose a cleanser that leaves your skin feeling clean, smooth and fresh, not taut and dry.

3. Quality ingredients count

Similar to how you pay attention to the ingredients in your food, look out for the ingredients in your cleanser. Our skin is the largest organ after all, so you want to make sure you’re using the good stuff for maximum results. If you know what goes in it, you’ll understand what you can expect out of it. You want the ingredients formulated in your cleanser to address your skin concerns, enrich your skin and preferably work well from the very first step. Gone are the days of randomly buying a cleanser off the shelf and hoping for the best. Trust us, your skin will thank you for it.

DrGL® believes in premium ingredients, as evident in the Cleanser Lightening formula. Not content with basic lightening ingredients, The exceptionally high concentration of stabilised Vitamin C DrGL® uses in Cleanser Lightening is the best grade available, cost not-withstanding. Its powerful antioxidant action is harnessed to repair skin at the deepest level and prevent future sun damage.

If you’ve never given much thought to the art of cleansing, it’s not too late to begin now. With the right cleanser you get to 1) hydrate your skin 2) manage pH levels 3) decrease chances of a breakout and 4) minimize pores. Get the first step right and a healthy complexion will be completely within reach.


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For extra-gentle cleansing, use DrGL® Cleanser Sensitive. The soap and fragrance-free formula ensures maximum compatibility with even the most sensitive skin, while removing light makeup and impurities.

For a soap-free formula that ensures oily skin gets the care it deserves, use DrGL® Cleanser Oil Control. The low foaming, fragrance-free gel removes impurities and excess oil while leaving the feeling skin comfortable.