5 Beauty Solutions That You Will Need Every Day

5 Beauty Solutions That You Will Need Every Day

1. Eyeshadow fallout: Apply concealer only after eye makeup

Most of us tend to apply concealer first, followed by eye makeup such as eyeshadows. But some makeup artists do the reverse. The reason? If any makeup lands under your eyes – think shimmer powders! – you can still conceal the smudges with a fresh layer of concealer and foundation.

2. New shoes hurt: Lubricate with a deodorant

Yes, no kidding. If you are wearing new shoes that pinch, keep a separate stick deodorant in your shoe cabinet for this purpose and run it up and down your ankles and on other blister-prone areas.

3. Prevent mascara smudges: Do the bottom lashes first

If you do your top lashes first, the mascara on them will smudge when you look down to doll up your bottom ones.

4. Quick drying nails: Dunk your fingers in ice water

For a quicker DIY job at home, fill a basin with water and ice cubes. After you’re done painting your nails, wait a few minutes and then soak your fingers in the cold water as the low temperature will help to set the nail polish.

5. Greying hair: Use a hair solution

Anti-hairloss tonics and shampoos are common but one for ageing hair? DrGL® Solution Anti-Aging has been shown to delay the growth of white hair and also reduce the density of greying areas on your scalp. It has advanced peptides and a Chinese herb that has the reputation of being the longevity herb. To use, massage the non-rinse serum onto your scalp every night and massage gently. It can also be used in the day as its light texture will work with your styling products.

Former women’s magazine editor Pearlyn Tham bought her first foam cleanser and liquid foundation at the age of 13. More than 20 years later, she has since moved on to eye creams, liquid lipsticks and – her security blanket – sunscreens.

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