5 Signs Your Skin Has Changed

5 Signs Your Skin Has Changed

I remember an older colleague telling me wistfully that everything heads downhill after 35. I remember being 29 and laughing off his doomsday sentiments. Then I hit 35 and, yes, my once-test-drive-proof skin (read: I could test-drive any potion or lotion for work and there would be no side effects at all) started telling me that it was no longer a sweet young thing.

1. First, my cheeks began turning red more easily. Red, not rosy. If I left a sheet mask on for too long, they would turn a rashy red. Definitely not the type of “rosy radiance” that the mask packaging promised to deliver. Compare this with the past when I could fall asleep for the night with an AHA-soaked sheet over my face.

2. Next, my skin started flaking, even peeling. It would feel a little nubby and look scaly if it didn’t like whatever new skincare I was testing on it.

3. Then I not only saw the changes; I felt them. My skin would feel tingly, taut and itchy if I applied a serum with too many ingredients in it. Worse, if the list of 258 ingredients included synthetic fragrances. Or if I was switching products every other day and then staying out in the sun.

4. I used to be very enthusiastic about facials but my skin doesn’t feel that way about them anymore, especially when the facialist likes layering 15 products on my face – and all after she’s done a harsh extraction and scrub with industrial-strength exfoliators. And especially when she laughs off my feeble cries of “I think your toner is making my cheeks sting” and then pats on even more alcohol-infused product. If you have sensitive skin like I do, settle for a less invasive treatment like Clean & Polish at DrSpa® which simply deep cleanses and hydrates, then finishes off with a calming mask. No drama there.

5) Previously, I could apply just one night cream on my face. Now, I have to mix and match different ones – a creamier balm for the fine lines on my dehydrated forehead and nose vs a non-scented, almost-medicinal cream for my cheeks and chin. Then I say a little prayer and hope I don’t wake up with stinging skin.

Former women’s magazine editor Pearlyn Tham bought her first foam cleanser and liquid foundation at the age of 13. More than 20 years later, she has since moved on to eye creams, liquid lipsticks and – her security blanket – sunscreens.

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