6 Reasons Why Your Skin Has Lost Its Gorgeous Glow

6 Reasons Why Your Skin Has Lost Its Gorgeous Glow

From hormonal changes to good ol’ dehydration, these are the obstacles to getting radiant skin.

1) Dehydration causes dull skin

Your skin is made up of skin cells which, in turn, are made of water. Deprive them of moisture and they won’t function perfectly. The result: your skin looks dry and dull. This is why some people believe that if you want to keep your skin cells happy and healthy, it’s important to hydrate the body on the whole by drinking sufficient water every day.

2) Dehydrated skin is dull skin

But since water doesn’t reach your skin directly, you’ll want to apply moisturising skincare daily too, especially after a shower when your skin is moist and more “porous”. Think of it this way: wilted leaves always look dry and dull, unlike fresh, dewy ones. Likewise, well-hydrated skin reflects light better and appears younger and brighter.

3) Your face is full of dead skin cells

Yes, it may sound gross but since skin sheds dead cells all the time, leaving them around on your face can make your complexion look ashen or sallow – both conditions that are never associated with radiant skin. Dead skin cells prevent skin from diffusing light, which makes your complexion look dull.

4) You are lazy with your skincare routine

Dehydrated skin and dead skin cells are two of the more easy-to-tackle issues when it comes to skin dullness. You just need to be disciplined with using the right skincare. Every day. Use an exfoliating cleanser once a week or try a mild lactic acid peel formula like DrGL® Post Cleanser Step 2 which removes dead skin more gently than skincare with alpha-hydroxy acids. The bonus? It also has moisturising benefits. But don’t stop there with the skin hydration. Follow up with DrGL®’s Moisturiser All Skin Types. This lightweight moisturiser contains Hyaluronic Acid and 2 varities of premium quality Vitamin C for hydrating, anti-aging and brightening purposes.

5) Your hormones are messing with your skin

As you age or go through biological changes like pregnancy, your hormones can go crazy and cause skin changes to take place. One main culprit is estrogen. When estrogen levels fall during menopause or on certain days of your monthly cycle, your skin can appear less radiant.

6) Your body needs more vitamins

While certain vitamin deficiencies do not cause skin dullness directly, they can lead to dry skin which is a main reason for a lackluster complexion. If your skin is always dehydrated and dull, you may need to consume more vitamins C, D and E either in the form of food or in supplements.