6 Solutions For A V-Shaped Face

6 Solutions For A V-Shaped Face

A V-shaped face is the latest beauty must-have. What is it? Also known as a V-line, it’s basically a slim, oval face that narrows down to a sharp chin with a refined jawline. It’s sought after because it makes the face smaller, more defined and takes years off your appearance.

If you’ve been wanting to get your features contoured and refined, here’s the good news: you can sculpt your face for a V-shape definition without surgery. Here are 6 ways you can achieve a desirable V-shaped face without going under the knife.

1. Face creams

A V-shaped contour can be achieved with face lifting serums, creams or masks with the function of reducing swelling and water retention while firming up facial muscles. Formulated with active ingredients, these products lift saggy skin, and help to redefine the jaw area by tightening the face and breaking down fat cells.

2. Facial massages

Massages help with microcirculation and lymphatic drainage, which visibly decreases puffiness, water retention and facial bloating. Although the jawline is not restructured, it appears more defined thanks to the removal of fluid. Massages help create a temporary lifting effect, allowing products to be better absorbed into the skin for increased effectiveness. There are also a host of facial massage tools you can use to complement facial massages for optimal results.

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3. Face Yoga

Since your face has muscles, you can exercise your facial muscles to remove any fleshy bits you dislike. Facial yoga releases tension, tightens and tones your facial muscles to keep the face taut. The good thing about face yoga is that it can easily be done within a few minutes daily to complement your skincare routine. While you’re at it, remember that exercising your whole body also contributes to slimming your face down. Losing weight in general = weight loss for your face.

4. Makeup

Get your Beauty Blenders ready because it’s all about the contouring! Makeup is a quick, easy way to make your face slimmer and more defined. With the right application, you can use makeup to achieve a smaller, V-shaped face. Use a bronzer to make your face slimmer and get those high cheekbones with a highlighter to enhance your features.

5. Diet

Sodium causes your body to retain water which leads to a bloated face and even a double chin. One of the main culprits behind a bloated face is salty, processed food. Watch your sodium intake, try to replace processed food with fresh fruits and vegetables and drink more water to reduce water retention.

6. Leave it to the professionals

Non-invasive treatments use radio frequency to refine the jawline by removing excess fat on the jaw and chin while inducing collagen to effectively firm, tighten and contour, visibly lifting the jawline for that taut, V-shaped.

Achieve a defined V-shaped contour with DrSpa® Lift. This treatment combines technologies to induce collagen for instant facial uplifting, tightening and contouring effects to revitalise skin and refine the jawline.

Accentuate and redefine your facial features with a combination of the steps above without having to go under the knife and you’ll be on your way to a painless V-shaped face.


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