7 Commandments Of Anti-Aging

7 Commandments Of Anti-Aging

There comes a time in everyone’s life when they look in the mirror and see wrinkles and fine lines. Whether we like it or not, there’s no stopping the aging process and how it affects the skin. Newsflash: You don’t have to wait for your first wrinkle to appear before using anti-aging products.

If you haven’t already started, it’s never too late to start taking good care of your skin. Your anti-aging regimen doesn’t have to be complicated, but it does require the right basics.

1. Know your skin type

skin analysis

Most people don’t actually know their skin type. When you don’t know your skin type, you often end up using the wrong products for your skin which won’t give you the results you expect. Get a professional skin care analysis and consultation to assess your skin and get started on the right products for your skin type.

2. Cleanse & exfoliate religiously

cleanse and exfoliate

Ensure that you properly remove makeup and cleanse thoroughly twice a day. The cleaner your skin, the better it can absorb beneficial ingredients. Over time, the skin’s ability to shed cells slows down, leading to rough patches and a dull-looking complexion. Regular exfoliation removes dead skin cells, evening out the skin’s surface to reveal fresh cells underneath which enable products to penetrate much deeper as there is no barrier of build-up and impurities.

3. Tone properly


To properly erase makeup, use a toner after cleansing your face. Toning removes grime and build-up from your day and prepares the skin for its repair processes. Toning helps replenish and restore the skin’s pH levels, laying the base for a radiant, youthful complexion.

Remove all traces of makeup and impurities with DrGL® Toner Anti-Aging. Revitalise, stimulate and firm skin with this lightweight yet effective toner that fights aging at the cellular level. Skin regains and retains its look of youth and radiance.

4. Moisturise, moisturise, moisturise


With age comes less sebum, meaning that your skin dries out more easily. When the skin’s barrier is compromised, this leads to a breakdown of collagen and accelerated aging. Dry skin makes your wrinkles deeper and lines even more obvious. Daily moisturising is the best defence against dry skin. Look for a moisturiser with water-binding humectants such as Hyaluronic Acid which plumps up skin and restores elasticity at the cellular level. Also make sure you stay hydrated by drinking lots of water.

DrGL® Moisturiser Anti-Aging formulated with Hyaluronic Acid goes to work immediately to repair and prevent signs of aging. Wrinkles are visibly diminished, pigmentation lessened, skin tone and texture unified and refined.

5. Use sunscreen religiously


The time for sunscreen is not tomorrow, it’s ASAP. Your skin and the sun are not friends. Ward off the aging process, keep skin healthy, and prevent age spots with a good quality daily SPF. Without proper sun protection, all the hard work you put into diminishing the signs of aging can’t give you the results you’re seeking. Make sure to use SPF30 and above, and reapply every 2 hours for maximum protection. Look for sunscreens that contain antioxidants such as Ginkgo Biloba Leaf extract to protect your skin and fight aging effects.

6. Start using an eye serum or cream

eye cream

The skin around the eyes are thin and one of the first places to show signs of aging. With time, circulation slows which leaves the eye area puffy. Coupled with the fact that we blink more than 10,000 times a day, it’s no wonder why your eyes need a little extra love. When applying creams or serums on the eye area, don’t drag the skin or rub your eye as this can exacerbate wrinkles. Instead, use your ring finger to gently pat the formula onto your under eye and eyelids.

7. Sleep well

sleep well

Good skin begins with a good night’s sleep. Your skin needs downtime to regenerate and sleep gives your body the time it needs to refresh and renew itself. With lack of sleep, cells don’t turn over quickly enough which leads to puffy eyes and dull, lifeless skin which makes wrinkles more obvious so make sure you catch those zzz’s.

You can’t stop gravity and the hands of time from meddling with your skin, but with preventive measures and the right approach to anti-aging you can certainly delay the effects and lessen the damage.


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