8 Easy Ways To Work Self Care Into Your Everyday Life

8 Easy Ways To Work Self Care Into Your Everyday Life

1. Close your eyes for 5 minutes

It’s okay if you buy a yoga mat but have no plans to do yoga. At the start or end of every day, lie on your mat, play some spa music (there are many compilations on iTunes), close your eyes and just pay attention to the music. It’s also okay if you doze off. Really.

2. Take a short walk

If you commute by public transport, alight some distance from your home or office and cover the rest of your journey on foot. Besides helping you to burn off some calories, a short stroll can give you some much-needed me-time before you take on the role of team boss or mum-to-four again.

3. Use your sick leave

Most of us want to be gung-ho and turn up at work even if we have a headache or a cold. Your sick leave is there for a reason. Use it, have a good rest and you’ll be much more productive the next day when you feel better. Plus, your hypochondriac colleagues will thank you too.

4. Tidy up a space at home… any space

You may not be Marie Kondo but self care is about clearing your mind which, in turn, is about decluttering your living or work space. And this can mean as little as one desk drawer. Or one shelf.

5. Do something totally random

Not everything we do as adults has to have a practical end-goal. Once a day, do something random and meaningless: spot five people wearing pink or guess the price of your meal.

6. Do something creative

Creating something makes you feel fulfilled and empowered – some of the gold standards of practising self care. And this can be as effortless as doodling or as complex as decorating an entire cake.

7. Write a list every day

At the start of your day, list down the tasks that you’d like to complete and include nondescript, easy-to-achieve ones like “water the potted plant on my office desk” or “buy tissues”. Tick them off along the way and feel a great sense of accomplishment at the end of the day.

8. Set aside time for a facial or spa session

The ultimate me-time is spent on a plush, warm bed in a softly-scented, dimly-lit room with another human kneading your tired eye area or achy shoulders. And if me-time is so precious, make full use of it by having a treatment that does something other than just relaxing you. For instance, the DrGL® Guasa Healing Facial uses lymphatic drainage massage techniques to improve blood circulation and brighten up skin. Now that’s what we call real self care.