A Day In The Life Of Dr Georgia Lee

A Day In The Life Of Dr Georgia Lee

Dr Georgia Lee has a remarkable lifestyle. Apart from being a prominent aesthetician, mother and wife, she’s also the founder of DrGL® bespoke skincare label. On top of seeing patients all day from Monday through Saturday and having a busy social calendar, her role at DrGL® involves her in every stage of product development from formula research, to manufacturing and packaging.

Despite her hectic schedule, Dr Lee believes in giving 100% to the task at hand and applies the same standards to DrGL® products. How does she manage to do it all? Here’s a rundown of what a typical day is like in the life of Dr Lee.


6:20am Wake up

6:20 – 6:40am Check email on handheld device

6:40 – 7:00am

40 push ups, morning skincare routine, dress for work

Morning skincare routine

1. Cleanser Lightening
2. Toner Oil Control
3. Post Cleanser (Which exfoliates with lactic acid and gives my skin that glowing appearance)4. Sun Protection Anti-Aging for face, eyelid, neck and full body.

DrGL Cleanser Lightening
DrGL Toner Oil Control
DrGL Post Cleanser
DrGL Sun Protection Anti-Aging

Dressing Process “I rarely plan ahead on what to wear for work days and usually let my mood dictate the fashion for the day. It helps that I have a very organised wardrobe that is arranged according to colour theme – tops – bottom – dresses – sets – gowns and arranged according to the designer names.”

7:00 – 7:30am Breakfast

Breakfast consists of a double shot espresso without sugar, 2 pieces of digestives followed by probiotics and antioxidants
Reading papers and watching an online movie concurrently
Sending out instructions to team members to prepare for the day

8:00am Sees first patient “I go through the day’s appointments and see the first patient at 8am and my last at 8.30pm.”

Lunch “I eat my lunch at the office as I need to work through lunch to care for my patients who see me during their lunch breaks. I try to eat healthy for lunch and tried a salad at a famous brand but ended up with food poisoning once, so now I take anything my housekeeping staff buys for me but in small cooked portions.”

In between patients “I clear emails and look after the product and creative developments of DrGL® skincare lines and plan lectures I have to deliver. Once a week, I conduct in-house meetings and training for my clinical staff. This has been my regime for the last 18 years.”

8:30pm Sees last patient

End of the day and dinner “I can sometimes finish work at 10pm. I unwind when I have dinner with my husband. He is sweet and waits for me to have dinner with me. In a way, it forces me to leave work as I know someone is waiting for me to have his dinner. I unwind with a gin or whiskey neat.”

Night time skincare routine

1. Cleanser Oil Control
2. Toner Oil Control
3. Post Cleanser

DrGLCleanser Oil Control
DrGL Toner Oil Control
DrGL Post Cleanser

Pre-bedtime routine

Night supplements: DrGL® Skin Supplement Glow, Calcium, Moisturising supplements and Hypocol (a natural supplement to control cholesterol)

40 push ups “I go through social media and finish that online movie which I started in the daytime before work.”


12am – 1am “I function like a clock work and am regimental when it comes to my work days because in my line of work – we want predictability as much as possible.”

Dr Lee believes in keeping life simple and doing what’s necessary in line with her motto that “less is more”. “I believe that skincare should be simple. When all the frills are stripped, the goal is, simply, good skin. The DrGL® line is my personal philosophy brought to life, and I am happy to share it with you.”

DrGL® Recommends:

A finishing serum that sloughs off dead cells, DrGL® Post Cleanser prevents buildup, leaving skin in optimal condition and primed to receive the full range of benefits from skincare that follows.