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We started with DrGL® , a line of doctor-curated, high-performance skincare products that helped repair and restore skin. To complement our everyday skincare routine, we decided to offer face and body treatments with DrSpa ® to amplify those results and to encourage you to take some time for #selfcare. We soon realised that a holistic beauty routine cannot be complete without caring for your scalp and hair. That’s why we started DrHair ® , to offer you solutions to issues no one likes to talk about - hairloss, dandruff, etc. From top-to-toe, we’ve got you covered.


About DrGL®

Formulated for maximum efficacy, minimum fuss, these are formulations for brand-new skin. Based on years of medical & aesthetic experience, patient feedback, clinical tests, exacting standards, and the use of premium-quality ingredients. Sounds like a lot? It is. Not everyone puts the same amount of effort & care into product development. Once you’ve tried our products, you’ll understand.

About DrHair®

Don’t neglect your crowning glory. Tapping on the art of science, high-performance actives, proprietary formulations and treatment protocols, DrHair® presents medically-curated, results-driven treatments to combat hairloss while promoting scalp health.


About DrSpa®

Amplify your DrGL® skincare routine with the right face and body treatment customised for you at DrSpa®. Clinical Solutions combine exclusive DrGL® Professional formulations with curated protocols for treatments that yield optimal, long-lasting results.


Dr Georgia Lee



She Put The Dr in DrGL®

A medical doctor with over 25 years of clinical experience, Dr Georgia Lee has helped thousands of patients with their skin and overall wellness. Years ago, an allergic reaction to antibiotics left one side of her face with persistent hyperpigmentation. Nothing helped until she used a lightening cream she formulated herself. This and her experience with the countless patients who ask for help with their skin piqued her interest in skincare development. When she started DrGL® in 2004, the products were originally intended for her patients. Today, she’s sharing them with the world, and the brand has expanded to include all areas of holistic beauty - from skincare and supplements to face & body treatments at DrSpa®, and scalp & hair treatments at DrHair®. She is still practicing at her clinic, The Lifestyle Practice in Singapore.

Patsy Ong-Hahl

Co-Founder and CEO


She is Our Biggest Cheerleader

An investor and entrepreneur for over 30 years, Patsy is the biggest champions of DrGL®. Having always had sensitive skin, she was won over by the quality and efficacious results of the products and treatments she saw on herself, she acquired the brands in 2016 and founded A DrBrand Pte Ltd ("ADB") with Dr Georgia Lee. Harnessing their combined expertise and experience, they are working together to build ADB into a global beauty & wellness company. When not getting asked about her glowing skin, Patsy enjoys keeping fit and pampering her dog.

We Take Beauty Seriously.

A DrBrand Pte Ltd ("ADB") is the brand owner of DrGL, DrSpa, and DrHair. We are committed to building brands that inspire and can provide a holistic experience for our customers.

One of our benchmark values as a group is to be ethical. Our moral compass is "Human" – included as a secondary mark on our brands. It refers to us building our company and conducting ourselves with empathy, compassion and love. We treat everyone the way we want to be treated and respected. This translates to our products and services too.

We formulate only products and services we want to use ourselves, with ingredients of uncompromising quality and solid formulas. We test each formula thoroughly (always on ourselves and in labs, and never on animals). If it doesn’t pass our test, it won’t get to you. And that’s our promise.

Seal Of Doctor's Approval

All our products and treatments are formulated and curated by Dr Georgia Lee and her team of skin and scalp specialists. With decades of clinical and aesthetic experience, we know skin. Skincare should be simple, fuss-free and no-nonsense — maximum efficacy, minimum fuss.

Trust Is The Cornerstone of Our DNA

This best encapsulates our corporate values, mission and commitment. We proudly serve as a stamp of approval for our brands, and will not compromise on the high standards, quality and commitment we have towards delivering result-oriented products and services.

We are the anchor of trust and credibility for our brands. At ADB, we believe our products and services are the beneficiaries of our corporate reputation. The safety and performance of each individual product and service is subject to extensive testing involving volunteers, and are always clinically and independently1 tested before they will be approved to go to market.

1 Independent test includes FDA compliance, toxicology and stability tests.