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4 Signs That Your Sensitive Scalp Needs Professional Help

4 Signs That Your Sensitive Scalp Needs Professional Help
By Pearlyn Tham 25 days ago 443 Views No comments

These are 4 Signs That Your Sensitive Scalp Needs Professional Help. They can range from a sudden prickling sensation and flaking to painful bumps and hair loss

1) It’s suddenly itchy all the time

One of the first signs of a sensitive scalp is tingling and itch. You may find yourself scratching it more often, and if you were to go for a microscopic analysis, chances are you will see that the skin on your scalp is red and angry.

The causes: If you find your scalp itching and tingling suddenly, one of the most common reasons is it has become sensitive to your hair care products.

The solutions: Stop using your regular shampoos or hairstyling products and switch to formulas that are fragrance- free and that have as few chemicals as possible. Also, be sure to rinse off shampoo thoroughly as leaving some on your scalp can trigger an allergic reaction too.

But for professional help, book DrHair’s Hair Defence, a deep-cleansing scalp treatment that helps to unclog hair follicles and remove product build-up as well as debris and sebum from the scalp – just what sensitive, inflamed scalps need. Plus, an analysis is included to help you better understand your scalp health.

2) Your scalp feels dry and taut, and it’s flaking

If you start to notice a lot more dry dandruff or greasy residue, you could be having seborrheic dermatitis, a condition that mostly affects the scalp and is the most common cause of dandruff in adults. This can appear on any part of the body that is oily, from your nose to your chest.

The causes: Seborrheic dermatitis is caused by a yeast called malassezia that is found in oil secretions on skin. It can also be the result of a weakened immune system and certain medications.

The solutions: Switch to a gentler shampoo, preferably one formulated for dandruff. If the flaking doesn’t stop, see a dermatologist.

3) There are red raised bumps on your scalp

And you can’t stop scratching them. These may be hives which can come and go in hours but more chronic cases can last for weeks.

The causes: Hives can be caused by many factors, from allergic reactions to food and medications to insect bites. If you have a more severe and chronic form of hives, they may stick around for more than six weeks. When this happens, the reason can be a medical condition like hepatitis or thyroid disease. Some hives are known as physical urticaria. Like the name suggests, they are caused by physical factors like exposure to extreme cold or sunlight, and excessive perspiration.

The solutions: First, visit a dermatologist to get the right diagnosis. Then, depending on the type of hives you have, you can seek the right remedy, whether it is pinpointing your food allergy or treating a medical condition.

4) You experience hair loss

While there are many reasons for hair loss – from hormonal changes to genetic causes – maintaining scalp health is actually something that many of us tend to overlook.

The causes: When you notice more frequent hairfall, the culprit can actually be an unhealthy scalp. Some signs of this can include flaking, dryness, itching and, yes, more hair loss. If you think of how plants need a foundation of good soil to grow well, you can imagine how a healthy scalp acts as the base for healthier hair growth too.

The solutions: To keep your scalp healthy, try DrHair’s Anti-Hairloss treatment which is suitable for thinning hair or oily scalps. It uses iontophoresis technology to clarify the scalp and remove product and sebum build-up, and also a special micro channelling technique to promote scalp healing and speed up hair growth. In addition, the DrGL Hair Boost formulation of peptides and growth factors is used to nourish and strengthen hair so that it appears fuller, thicker and shinier.