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Say Goodbye to Dull Skin with Guasha Therapy

Say Goodbye to Dull Skin with Guasha Therapy
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Not a fan of machine-aided face treatments but you prefer something more intense than your therapist’s hands? Look no further than facials that incorporate guasha techniques to promote skin radiance and firmness.

Guasha: What It Is and What It Can Do

Guasha, or gua sa, is a TCM healing technique that addresses circulatory stagnation. Targeting the meridians on your face or body, it involves a practitioner moving a flat, round-edged handheld tool, with a generous amount of pressure, along the face or body. Traditionally, tools used in guasha are made of buffalo horns, animal bones, bamboo and porcelain. These days, guasha is done using tools made from rose quartz or jade.

Guasha helps increase blood circulation, boost your lymphatic system, ease muscle tension, eliminate chronic pain and unblock stagnant chi. On the body, guasha is done with vigorous back-and-forth motion and leaves bruise-like marks. However, on the face, guasha is done in a much gentler fashion with a light pressure that leaves no marks.

Guasha Your Way to Better Skin

Think of guasha as a workout for your face. Guasha massage energises cells and tissues to enhance skin functions like repair and collagen production. It can also reduce puffiness, lift and tighten sagging skin, and bring back your natural healthy glow. Results are instant. Aside from giving skin a youthful look, guasha also works to release tight jaw muscles at the same time, and that can help relieve headaches and neck pain.

One such facial treatment is the award-winning Guasa Healing Skin Treatment available at DrSpa®. Said to be the first guasha facial in Singapore, this luxurious treatment combines the best of the East and the West with traditional guasha techniques, and powerful, antioxidant-rich skincare formulas by DrGL®. The usual facial skin prep from cleansing, extraction, toning to moisturising is done before guasha begins. The therapist uses two guasha boards to knead along the TCM meridian lines on the whole face for a deeply rejuvenating massage. Suitable for most skin types, this time-honoured technique promotes deep detoxification to enhance the natural process of toxin removal in the skin, as well as collagen regeneration to firm up skin, and skin renewal to eliminate dull complexions and bring back radiance. This, in turn, effectively improves blood circulation for enhanced overall skin health.

After the guasha procedure, a soothing mask is applied on your face to help calm the skin. Depending on your areas of muscle tension, you may also experience soreness at certain parts of the face. The results: Skin feels firmer and looks lifted. You may notice your jawline looks more defined too. There is zero downtime for this deeply relaxing treatment as you would not experience any skin redness—except for a natural, beautiful flush on your skin.

The 105-minute facial is also suitable for those who are acne-prone as guasha reportedly reduces the size, severity and length of time pimples exist. However, guasha may not be suitable for inflamed skin suffering from sunburn, rosacea or rashes. So, do consult your doctor before booking any guasha-related face treatments.

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