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Why Keratin is Important for Healthy Hair

Why Keratin is Important for Healthy Hair
By Simone Wu 1 years ago 3645 Views No comments

What is Keratin and why is it important for healthy hair?

In the pursuit of strong, healthy hair, you may skip all in-salon chemical treatments to keep your tresses in its most natural state. Despite your best intentions and efforts, you would still find split ends, and your hair looking dull, tangled, rough and frizzy. This happens as hair fibers lose keratin with exposure to the sun’s UV rays, humidity, and friction from daily brushing and washing.

What is Keratin?

It is a type of protein that supports the structure that makes up your hair, skin and nails. Keratin protein makes up about 90 per cent of the hair. It gives hair its strength and elasticity, and helps reduce the occurrence of hair breakage, heat damage and frizz.

You may have heard about keratin hair treatments that are essentially hair-smoothening treatments to straighten frizzy and/or wavy hair. That is done by breaking down the bonds in the hair, and when done frequently, can cause more damage to hair. Older variations of such straightening treatments may contain formaldehyde, a known carcinogen that has been linked to headaches, dizziness, nausea, rashes, and other health reactions in both clients and salon workers.

Enter the Home-care Keratin

So the next best alternative to damaging chemical treatments is to use keratin-based hair care products like DrGL® Cleanser Hair (Anti-Hairloss) and DrGL® Conditioner Hair (Total Repair). These use a form of keratin called hydrolysed keratin that purportedly repairs, restores, and smooths the hair shaft. They do not affect any bonds in the hair so they’re not damaging to the scalp or hair. Hydrolysed keratin works to create a protective coating around the hair shaft to keep humidity from getting in. It also works to close cuticles so that hair becomes less prone to breakage and split ends.

It’s important to note that keratin hair care are not one-wash miracles. Unlike a keratin-based chemical treatment, home-care keratin hair care products do not straighten your hair. When used daily, the natural texture of your hair, be it straight or curly, is boosted, will look glossier and more defined. If you have chemically damaged hair that’s bleached, coloured, permed or straightened, keratin shampoos and conditioners can help to make your hair smoother, softer and more manageable in the long run.

Create A Holistic Hair Care Ecosystem

If you are not ready to give up on your in-salon colour treatments yet, keratin-based hair care products are not enough to help you care for your scalp and hair. Such colour treatments tend to weaken scalp health and can also sensitise your scalp; these eventually lead to hair loss problems.

To prevent that from happening, add scalp treatments like DrGL®Solution Hair (Anti-Hairloss) and DrGL® Solution Hair (Anti-Aging) to your daily hair care routine. These scalp serums should not be used only when you start to experience hair loss but should be used as a daily maintenance product – like your anti-ageing serums for the face. To further protect hair, switch your pillowcase to one that’s made of silk. The smooth and cooling surface of a silk pillowcase can help to reduce friction and damage to hair, leaving you with smoother, less tangled tresses in the morning.

By Simone Wu