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DrGL® Six Step Skincare Routine

DrGL® Six Step Skincare Routine
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“Skincare should be simple. When all the frills are stripped, the goal is, simply, good skin.”

We’ve condensed the DrGL® skincare routine into 6 simple steps anyone can follow for maximum efficacy, minimum fuss.

Step 1: Cleanse & Exfoliate

Remove the bad. Leave the good.

Do more than just take away the day’s debris. Formulated with active ingredients, enrich your skin with treatment benefits.

Once or twice a week, complement your day-to-day cleansing with an invigorating exfoliation.

DrGL Step 1 Cleansing


DrGL Step 2 Post Cleanser

Step 2: Post-Cleanse

A skincare step proprietary to DrGL®, the Post-Cleanser bridges cleansing and toning.

Remove dead skin cells to prevent build-up, leaving skin in optimal condition and primed to receive the full benefits of skincare that follows.

Can be used before or after toning.


Step 3: Tone

Clean the slate.

Perfectly complement and complete the cleansing process, priming skin to achieve optimal results from your moisturiser.

DrGL Step 3 Toners


DrGL Step 4 Solutions

Step 4: Solutions

Help from specialists.

Give your skin an intense boost to kick-start its natural repair and defence mechanisms.


Step 5: Moisturiser

Keep your skin well hydrated.

Maintain your skins moisture levels at all times so that skin can work on fighting other battles.

DrGL Step 5 Moisturisers


DrGL Step 6 Sun Protection

Step 6: Sun Protection

Get more than basic sun protection.

UVA rays penetrate deep within your skin. Get comprehensive coverage with sun protection.


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