Douglas x DrGL®

Douglas x DrGL®

Check out this exclusive Douglas interview with our founder Dr Georgia Lee.

  • What is the definition of beauty to Singaporeans?
    • What can we learn from this beauty ideal, here in Germany?

In Singapore, I think we are rather embracing of device-driven treatments, both homecare and in-office. For both, like all things, there are just too many options and I personally feel although homecare treatment devices have some benefits, they will never be as efficient as in-office treatments. Also these homecare devices may become white elephants as it takes discipline for regular daily administration of the treatment protocol.

One downside is that, we are still wearing too much makeup here in Singapore where it is not ideal in our hot and humid weather, which causes clogged pores and acne.

The makeup trend, now, is moving towards a more natural makeup look which I feel that with good skin, it can be achieved without much coverage.

  • How is this ideal of beauty reflected in your products?

We are very focused on efficient skincare and we organise the regime according to skin types – this stems from our treatment background and medical origins.

For the time and effort used to apply the skincare, the product must be multitasking and the ingredients used must only be premium as these ultimately gets absorbed into the largest organ of our body, our skin.

These are our differentiating factors:

1. Multitasking

2. Only the best ingredients are being considered. In fact, it sometimes take us 18 months just to source for that 1 ingredient and the product development can get stalled if we cannot get the quality of the ingredient we want.

3. Knowledge. We have a current cosmopolitan focus group from all our treatment centers and this forms the knowledge we need to constantly understand the users’ needs.

4. Long-term. We are here for the long term and will follow up on our users’ changing needs which is inevitable from aging, changing lifestyle, climate and travel factors.

  • What does a modern beauty routine look like?

A great cleanser that infuses active ingredients which targets the skin’s underlying needs, before preexisting concerns or preventative needs, right from the first step. The active ingredients are reinforced through the toner and moisturiser steps.

Our proprietary renewal serum from lactic acid helps to make sure that all the steps after, are being enhanced.

We understand our users’ busy lifestyles; and we deliver this in our designs. For example, our DrGL®’s Sun Protection Mist acts as a base sun protection factor for the gentlemen who wants minimal fuss, or as an touch-up over makeup for ladies. It also serves well for sports enthusiasts as it is easy and hygienic to reapply with its water-based and colorless formulation.

It takes me 3-5 minutes a day from cleansing of my face to applying sun protection for my whole body.

  • What is your absolute beauty tip when it comes to anti-aging? And how can your products help me?

Sun protection: Apply it over face, no forgetting all exposed (including the eyelid and nape) and all accessible covered areas as SPF from clothing is limited.

UVA cause thinning of skin which leads to thinning fragile skin that bruise easily, is wrinkly and dry.

Renew the skin regularly. As we age, our cellular renewal slows down, coupled with repetitive facial expressive lines formed. Regular renewal of skin cells helps to lighten these lines and keeps the skin glowing and smooth, giving the healthy glow.

We are also what we consume. We take supplements and help the cells fight oxidative aging from our line of carefully curated oral supplements.

  • What is usually ignored in a skincare routine, but what is urgently needed?

I think sun protection need is very well drummed into most by now but there are still significant proportions that are not applying it sufficiently and missing out on key areas like eyelids, nape and especially off-face exposed areas. Besides the aging aspect, there are also skin cancer risks in certain skin types which we cannot over emphasise.

  • You are living and working in Singapore and now you are in Germany. You are travelling a lot. Which three beauty products do you always have with you in your personal beauty bag?

My DrGL® Cleanser Lightening (used to be Oil Control but my sebaceous glands have become less active in the last few years); the top quality Vitamin C helps to reduce pigmentation without being harsh to my sensitive skin, neutralises free radicals from the day’s environmental stress and is also an important catalyst in the collagen production step.

DrGL® Post Cleanser Step 2: a renewal serum helps to keep my facial lines in check without having to undergo any renewal peeling lasers.

DrGL® Moisturiser All Skin Types – gives me that plumped-up look and glow even without makeup.

My multitasking DrGL® Sun Protection Anti-Aging which also doubles up as a moisturiser. The peptides in the formula fights wrinkle which helps to extend the intervals of treatments for my muscle-induced line sessions.

  • What is the recognition value of your products?

The unique green, in a square clean design. It represents life and nature, a contrast to concrete modernity.

Minimalism in design is less forgiving. In fact, when we first started, some contemporaries commented on the simplicity of our designs saying that the consumers in the market like fussier packaging.

My response to that was “Skincare is a serious business, presenting skincare to our consumers is a serious responsibility. The importance should be in the bottle and not the packaging. Consumers should not be paying more for the packaging than the contents.”

The square represents the balance and I love minimalism in my designs and this philosophy of simplicity transcend into my skincare and lifestyle.

The word “Human” is part of our brand identity as I will like my team to be reminded that the products we poured our love and heart into is to serve another human on the other end; given that many face to face contacts have been replaced by emails and messaging.

Above all, with the visual recognition of the brand, the cognitive association with our brand is the knowledge behind the brand, the premium ingredients in the product that delivers efficient skincare with minimal fuss.

  • Why are you so passionate about skincare? Was there a reason why you decided to create your own products?

I developed an allergic condition called fixed eruption on the right side of my face from a medication, but it was severe with blistering and left significant hyperpigmentation after the active phase settled. Most of the effective lightening products in the market back then, were too harsh for me and gave me more issues. After trying to look for the right products for 9 months, I had decided to develop my own cream to treat the marks and it eventually resolved after applying the compounded cream for a couple of months.

This piqued my interest in skincare and I took greater interest in taking detailed notes of all the skincare my new patients used. I also quickly realised that most are burdened with too many unnecessary steps, using products that are not suitable for them.

It then took me 6 years to research, source for and curate ingredients, manufacturers, packaging for our brand.

  • You are an aesthetic doctor, founder and entrepreneur. You have your own practice in Singapore. With DrGL® you have an award-winning skincare, body and haircare line. You are one of the biggest success stories in Singapore in the beauty industry. When you think of all that. What was the most beautiful moment in your career so far?

Each time someone tells me that our skincare has made a difference to their skin, is a beautiful moment for me.

  • Are new products already in progress? What can we look forward to in the future?

We are going to introduce a game changing step next year and I have been instructed by my team not to announce prematurely.

  • When we look into the future: What will be a total skincare or beauty trend in the next years? What do you think?

There is no one total skincare trend but with the wide acceptance of non or minimally invasive procedures for aesthetics, skincare should help to complement, if not reduce treatment frequency. The trend for stem cell infused skincare will continue.

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