Dr Georgia Lee’s Get Ready With Me: A Night Out

Dr Georgia Lee’s Get Ready With Me- A Night Out

Other than being a renowned aesthetic and skincare doctor, Dr Georgia Lee is also known for her iconic fashion sense and her flawless skin. Ever wondered how she achieved them? You will find the answers here!

Step 1: In getting ready for a night out, I first plan ahead and work with my stylist to discuss the various options of outfit, just to explore my choices. But I would usually make the final decision based on the look and feel of them. It really depends on if there is a theme to follow, or just what I’m feeling that day.

Step 2: I then proceed to wash my hair. I use only DrGL®’s line of shampoo for hair loss along with the hair conditioner as I swear/stand by them. They are Cleanser Hair Anti-Hairloss and Conditioner Hair Total Repair. Right after a good shampooing, I massage the hair conditioner thoroughly into my hair in the hot shower and let it sit while the steam helps the product to penetrate the strands and work its magic.

To detangle my hair, I would only use a wide-toothed comb. I usually try to avoid blow drying my hair whenever possible as heat can be damaging to the hair.

I only use hot styling tools for events, even then, the hairstylists whom I have long working relationships with, knows that I generally do not allow any form of hair styling products.

Step 3: Makeup and hair; I blend our in-house colorant with Restore Gel Mask for that whole day leave-on face mask which helps to create a layer between any makeup and my skin to avoid clogging of pores. It evens out any redness without it being too heavy. I save time for getting both my makeup and hair done at the same time. I leave the makeup look and hair to the professionals.

If I ever need to have my hair and makeup done at work – I clear my emails at the same time; if at the salon – I take power naps.

On normal days, I do not wear any makeup. The only two products I use on my face after cleansing and toning are Post Cleanser Step 2 (for that glowing effect) and my all-purpose Sun Protection Anti-aging with its build in moisturiser and peptides. In drier climates, I use our Moisturiser Collagen Boost to step up the moisturising effect. I advocate having naturally good skin without the need for makeup.

Step 4: Before leaving the house, I’d do a quick mental check on all the things I need to bring along. I wouldn’t leave my house without my hand phone and my credit card!

I’m always just in time when I have events on work days as my job takes up the entire day and my timing is determined by the care of my patients and my work related to my skincare; these and besides my family, everything else is secondary.