DrGL® at Cosmoprof Las Vegas 2017

DrGL® at Cosmoprof Las Vegas 2017

For the first time ever, DrGL® visits Cosmoprof Las Vegas 2017.

We are ecstatic to share with the US market our range of bespoke skincare products. Our brand founder, Dr Georgia Lee, shares her joy and excitement as we debut our first visit in America.

Hi, I’m Dr Georgia Lee and we are at Cosmoprof US. We’re here because I think our brand is ready to enter into the US market, and we have so much to share about our skincare, our philosophy and we want to introduce good products, effective products to Americans.

The journey has been 6 years of R&D (Research and Development). I went to every factory that is manufacturing for us – to look at the condition and it must fit our SOP (Standard Operating Procedure). Even the water in the factory is actually controlled.

Our branding, DrGL® has got a little “Human” behind. The reason is, at the end of the day we have to remember whatever product we develop, we present to our users; is actually for humans. We want to be ethical, so it is very important we develop good products that are effective and only premium ingredients go in.

I believe everybody should be beautiful, can be beautiful, as long as we have good clear skin. I don’t believe in hiding our skin behind lots of makeup. Makeup should only be used to enhance certain features. We should be confident enough to step out of our house with bare minimum. So, with good skincare it empowers you to be confident of yourself at all times.