DrGL®’s Top 10 Best Sellers

DrGL®’s Top 10 Best Sellers

Since its inception, DrGL® skincare has won critical acclaim and recognition. Here are our top 10 products customers swear by.

1. Skin Repair

DrGL®’s #1 best-seller, Skin Repair is an exceptional serum that lives up to its name and more. Penetrates deep within for intensive, age-defying and skin-revitalising benefits to give you an incredible glow. Skin looks remarkably younger, feels irresistibly smooth and supple.

2. Restore Gel Mask

A restorative gel for all skin types, Restore Gel Mask brings skin back to equilibrium. Packed with healing botanicals to soothe skin, this multi-tasking gel can be used as a mask or moisturiser and makes for a particularly good travel companion.

3. Skin Supplement Glow

Benefit from a boost of targeted nutrition with Skin Supplement Glow. No ordinary multivitamin, this unique all-natural formula promotes both general health and the health of your skin. Skin feels supple, looks brighter and more even-toned. Look beautiful from the inside out.

4. Cleanser Lightening

Cleanser Lightening cleans gently and thoroughly, and goes one step further to repair and protect skin against the damaging effects of the sun. The Vitamin C in this formula is the best grade available, repairing skin at the deepest level and preventing future sun damage

5. Cleanser Sensitive

Extra-gentle Cleanser Sensitive removes light makeup and impurities while respecting the delicate balance of sensitive skin. This soap and fragrance-free formulation ensures compatibility with even the most sensitive skin.

6. Toner Lightening

Toner Lightening is specially formulated to address uneven skin tones and pigmentation caused by UV rays. Contains the same potent ingredients as our lightening cleanser to give skin an extra boost of brightening even as it removes the last traces of impurities.

7. Moisturiser All Skin Types

Moisturiser All Skin Types goes beyond providing essential hydration to repair and protect skin against photoaging, minimises the appearance of fine lines, and keeps skin soft and supple all day long. The addition of Hyaluronic Acid plumps up skin and restores elasticity

8. Collagen Essence

Collagen Essence penetrates deep within to deliver and retain moisture beyond skin’s surface. Lightweight, super hydrating formula keeps skin comfortable in hot, humid weather and cold, drying climates alike. The use of Hyaluronic Acid in the formula plumps skin from within, keeping it firm and supple.

9. Sun Protection Anti-Aging

Sun Protection Anti-Aging goes beyond basic protection to offer advanced anti-aging benefits. Skin is hydrated, repaired and reinforced against the assaults of the sun to restore youth and radiance. Free radicals are neutralised, collagen production is stimulated and blood circulation improves.

10. Sun Protection Mist

Get head to toe protection with Sun Protection Mist. This quick-drying formula which is suitable for use on hair, face and body makes reapplication a breeze, even on hard to reach areas like the back. Unique formula helps fight cell-damaging free radicals and washes off easily with cleanser, no need for makeup remover.