About DrHair®
The Scalp
Specialist Is In

“A healthy, pristine scalp leads to healthy, glossy hair that symbolises youth and beauty no matter what your age is.”

- Dr Georgia Lee

Born of a Doctor's Experience

For over two decades, Dr Georgia Lee has been seeing numerous patients with various scalp concerns. As a doctor who puts her patients first, she felt the need to further research into scalp and hair care to help them achieve the crowning glory they deserve.

Research & Development

After devoting decades of R&D, Dr Lee and a team of professionals formulated DrHair® proprietary treatments and products to target various scalp and hair issues such as hair loss, poor scalp health and pre-mature greying.


Her passion to help her patients led her to launch proprietary DrHair® treatments in 2008, and opening the first ever DrHair® in 2017; a sanctuary where customers can entrust their tresses to scalp care professionals.


The DrHair® Standard

With more than 10 years of experience, DrHair® continues to surpass and reach new heights year after year.

Total Regenerative Scalp System

Total Regenerative Scalp System

The award-winning Total Regenerative System is a revolutionary 4-step treatment system by DrHair® that provides results-based, clinical solutions for healthy scalp and hair.