About DrHair®

Experience premium scalp and hair products complemented by exclusive proprietary award-winning treatments and solutions for maximum efficacy, minimum fuss.

DrHair® Quote

"Healthy glossy hair symbolises youth and beauty no matter what your age is."

Dr Georgia Lee

DrHair® Standard

The DrHair® Standard

Committed to constant research and development, founder Dr Georgia Lee and a panel of specialists are fully involved in the formulation of award-winning proprietary hair and scalp treatments with over 15 years of experience in proven Clinical Solutions Treatment Protocols.


Proprietary Formulations

Using proven diagnosis techniques, DrHair® uses a proprietary formulation of peptides to treat scalp and hair problems. Enhancing the efficacy of treatments, DrHair® uses an exclusive range of Professional series, a range of proprietary products formulated for optimum results.

DrHair® Expect Visible Results

Expect Visible Results

Backed by research & development and clinical studies, DrHair®'s award-winning treatments tap on the art of science and top quality ingredients for maximum effectiveness and efficacy.

In the hands of the best trichocare experts, expect healthy scalp and visible hair growth after each treatment.