Why You Need A Monthly Facial

Why Do You Need A Monthly Facial

Let’s face it: how many of us actually have the know-how or patience to practise half an hour’s worth of upward lifting, gentle kneading and light pinching?

DrSpa® Proprietary Treatments Curated For You

Proprietary Treatments Curated For You

Offering a myriad of award-winning services encompassing skin, body and wellness, DrSpa® integrates proprietary treatment protocols with the exclusive use of DrGL® Professional range of medic-aesthetic products for a holistic beauty experience that delivers optimal results. Expect non-invasive aesthetic treatments that are based on medical science, all under the comfort of a spa-like setting.


"In this modern, fast paced world, we believe in optimised results through curated procedures and technology with a personal touch."

Dr Georgia Lee

The DrSpa® Standard

The DrSpa® Standard

With over 15 years of experience led by Dr Georgia Lee and Dr Eileen Lee together with a panel of clinical experts and specialists, a remarkable holistic medic-aesthetic experience can be expected of DrSpa®. We embrace the vision of trust and credibility through proven Clinical Solutions treatment system, while retaining the rich experience through quality service from our certified and dedicated therapists.

DrSpa® Accreditation and Accolades

Accreditation and Accolades

Our story of success has been proven not only through the many awards we have won over the years but more importantly, the unfailing trust of our loyal customer base.

DrSpa® Professional Series

DrSpa® Professional Series

This range of award-winning proprietary premium skincare is exclusively available at DrSpa®. Specially curated and developed by a panel of doctors, this series complements the proprietary Clinical Solutions treatment system to deliver optimal results.