Essential Ingredients For Hair Resuscitation

Essential Ingredients For Hair Resuscitation

Introducing 5 key ingredients you want to see in your conditioner for healthy, glossy hair.

1. Glycine Soja Oil

Glycine Soja Oil aka Soybean Oil has been consumed by humans for thousands of years with numerous health benefits such as controlling cholesterol levels and improving vision but did you know it can work wonders for your hair too?

Glycine Soja Oil has natural hydrating properties that ensure moisture retention. The lipids inside the oil also help nutrients penetrate better into the hair, enhancing the effects of hair treatments. Additionally, it is non-greasy, suppresses oil secretion and promotes hair growth.

2. Hydrolysed Keratin

Why does protein need to be hydrolysed? Protein in hair can be damaged from harsh cleansers, frequent chemical treatments and heat styling which results in dryness, reduced elasticity and hair fall. However, unhydrolysed protein molecules are too large to penetrate hair shaft to commence repair. Hydrolysis is done to break protein molecules down so that they can be absorbed by hair.

Hydrolysed Keratin Protein strengthens all three layer of hair (Cuticle, Cortex & Medulla) from within; it not only coats but also penetrates the hair shaft to replace missing keratin resulting in strong, smooth and shiny hair with bounce.

3. Tocopherol (Vitamin E)

Tocopherol aka Vitamin E is a rich anti-oxidant that helps to rebuild and repair aged tissue. When it is applied to hair, it repairs damaged follicles and reduces inflammation promoting hair growth.

Another culprit of hair fall is imbalanced pH levels or excessive production of oil on the scalp. Fear not, the moisturising properties of Vitamin E prevent excess production of oil while elegantly balancing pH levels.

Think that’s all? Vitamin E also broadens blood vessels, promoting smooth circulation of blood while preventing clot, ensuring optimal nourishment for hair follicles. This prevents the premature greying of hair and repairs any split ends.

4. Squalane

Squalane fortifies & conditions hair by forming a protective layer over the hair cuticles, retaining moisture. By soothing the hair cuticles, it maintains the shine and softness of hair without a hint of frizz.

Further, it is also weightless and can be applied to hair after heat styling to keep hair smooth. Finally, in the hot and humid weather of tropical Singapore, Squalane protects against UV radiation.

P.S. Our squalane is responsibly sourced from olives too!

5. Trehalose

Oxidative stress is one of the leading causes of hair fall, as it produces free radicals which damage and destroy cells in our hair follicles. What to do? Trehalose is an anti-oxidant that protects against oxidative stress by enhancing the resistance of cell to oxidant.

Further, it also stabilises Vitamin E (mentioned above), increases the solubility of calcium, and aids in the retention of magnesium. Both play a vital role in ensuring healthy scalp and hair.

Finally, like all the other ingredients in the DrGL® Conditioner Hair (Total Repair), Trehalose also has moisture retention properties that give you the hair you deserve.

All this goodness combines in a single bottle. The concentrated formula goes to work from the very first application to repair, strengthen, protect and nourish – winning you the best dressed tresses, hands down.

BFF Bonus: Hair Mask

To get the bang for your buck, this conditioner can also be used as a hair mask. Apply it to hair and leave it on for 10-15 minutes. For best results wrap a hot towel around hair.

Voila! That’s all the beauty secrets we have for today. Stay Gorgeous!


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