Healthy Scalp - GLow Package

Healthy Scalp - GLow Package
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Suitable for: Scalp Maintenance | Oily Scalp

Just like how your skin ages, your scalp too changes with time. It is never too early to start maintaining a healthy scalp to prevent hair loss problems. Experience DrHair®’s total system with this Healthy Scalp package with a combination of hair products and scalp treatments for your daily and monthly scalp care regime.

At only $499, get an added bonus worth more than $250 (50% additional value). Here’s what you will get with this package valued at more than $750:

  1. Cleanser Anti-Hairloss 240ml (x2) – Cutting edge peptides nourish and protects hair right down to the roots.
  2. Conditioner Hair Total Repair 240ml (x1) – Hydrolysed Keratin fills in microscopic damage to rebuild hair’s natural layer, leaving hair visibly smoother and less prone to frizz and tangle.
  3. Solution Anti-Hairloss 100ml (x1) – A leave-in serum with powerful peptides to nourish and strengthen hair, at the same time promotes blood circulation to maintain the health of the scalp.
  4. Sun Protection Mist 60ml (x1) – Just like how your face needs protection against the sun’s UV rays, the skin on your scalp needs the same care too. One of the rare formulas suitable for use on the scalp, this quick drying mist makes for convenient application.
  5. Skin Supplement Glow 30s (x1) – Multi-tasking formula not only promotes the health of your skin, but also speeds up collagen production essential for hair growth.
  6. Deep Cleanse (1 session) – To keep your tresses lustrous and your scalp healthy, you need to unclog the hair follicles and cleanse away the debris and sebum build-up from cosmetic hair products on a regular basis. Clogged follicles impede hair growth and results in thinner strands.

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