About A DrBrand

  Who We Are

A DrBrand (ADB) is the brand owner of established brands specialising in: beauty products, skin supplements, scalp care & treatments, and medic-aesthetic spas. We are committed to building brands which inspire and provide a holistic experience for our consumers, enabling them to express their individual beauty by having us as their beauty Best Friend Forever (BFF).

As a beauty BFF, we are committed in focusing our decade-long years of combined experience, research and medical background to develop and provide results-oriented, proprietary medic-aesthetic treatments alongside an award-winning bespoke skincare range for top-to-toe wellness for beauty from the inside out.

Brand Owners of award-winning, carefully curated products and services backed by a seal of doctor's approval.
R&D Experts
R&D Experts who create, develop and formulate skin and scalp care products, skin supplements, regenerative scalp care treatments and medic-aesthetic treatments using top quality ingredients, with the strictest protocols. The research & development is helmed by practicing medical doctors in the field of dermatology and with years of clinical experience.
Marketers who believe in growing brands and connecting with our customers.
Distributors with established and expanding distribution channels.
Award-Winning Scalp Care and Medic-Aesthetic Spa Specialists who operate and franchise DrSpa® and DrHair®
Merging 3 award-winning brands specialising in beauty products, supplements, scalp care & treatments, and medic-aesthetic spas to provide total holistic beauty.


Our Founders

Dr Georgia Lee
Medical Doctor and Founder
of DrGL®, DrSpa® and DrHair®


A prominent medical doctor with a specialty in aesthetics and a celebrity clientele, Dr Lee’s medical and clinical experience gave her the confidence to start her very own skincare line. However, it was her personal experience that provided the final push. A serious allergic reaction resulted in blisters that covered the right side of her face, leaving her with persistent hyperpigmentation which was only resolved after treatment with a cream that she customised for herself. This traumatic incident piqued her interest in skincare and motivated her to delve into its development. Since then, DrGL® has evolved and expanded to cover all areas of holistic beauty from skincare and supplements, to wellness and body care treatments at DrSpa® and scalp treatments at DrHair®.

   Patsy Ong-Hahl
   Co-Founder & CEO


With more than 30 years of hands-on management experience, Patsy’s strength lies in being operationally-focused with functional expertise in sales, marketing, branding, operations and finance. Having suffered from eczema and sensitive skin, she witnessed the transformative change of DrGL® skincare when her skin regained its glow and radiance, and she no longer needed eczema cream and corticosteroids. Won over by the high quality and efficacious results of DrGL® products, DrSpa® face and body treatments, and DrHair® scalp treatments, she invested into the 3 brands and went on to co-found ADB with Dr Georgia Lee, harnessing their combined experience, expertise and knowledge to realise their vision of building a global beauty & wellness company.

Our Vision

A global beauty & wellness company with a purposeful and structured strategy, backed by the best team of doctors and specialists, proprietary and innovative product pipeline and growth strategy.

Our Values

ADB brand values of Quality, Integrity, Human – are the foundation on which all our products and services are delivered. “Seal of Doctor’s Approval” alludes to our high standards, quality and commitment for result-oriented products and services.

Our Mission

Beauty BFF in our consumers’ quests to be at their optimal best in beauty, nutrition and wellness through our brands that are complementary. Modern day individuals can achieve maximum efficacy with minimum fuss.

Our Commitments

Building brands based on our corporate values. We believe this to be the cornerstone for our sustainability and global success.