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Posts tagged 'anti-aging'

The 9 Rules of Buying and Using Sunscreens

By Pearlyn Tham 8 months ago 1197 Views No comments

Besides making it a habit to apply them every day, here are some other things that you should know about sun protection.

How To Tell If Your Face is Aging Faster Than You Are

By DrGL® 11 months ago 985 Views No comments

Check out these 5 tell-tale signs to know if your face is aging faster than you are.

6 Solutions For A V-Shaped Face

By DrGL® 2 years ago 959 Views No comments

6 simple ways to achieve a defined, V-shaped face without surgery.

7 Commandments Of Anti-Aging

By DrGL® 2 years ago 939 Views No comments

Turn back the clock with these 7 golden rules of anti-aging skincare.

The real reason why you look older… faster

By Pearlyn Tham 3 years ago 858 Views No comments

Discover the real reason why your skin ages and what you need to add to your anti-aging skincare routine.

Make Every Step of Your Anti-Aging Skin Care Routine Count

By DrGL® 3 years ago 932 Views No comments

Here at DrGL®, we believe that every second of your skin care routine matters in preventing aging, right from the very first step.