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The Basic 3-Step Skincare Routine that Works

By Simone Wu 4 months ago 2530 Views No comments

Whether you’re walking down the beauty retail aisles in the drugstore, stepping into the beauty halls in department stores, or scrolling down a beauty online store, shopping for skincare that suits your skin type and condition can get overwhelming. Don't worry, we've got your back! Here's a quick guide on how you can kick-off your search on your perfect skincare routine.

You Ask, I Tell - September 2017 Edition

By Pearlyn Tham 2 years ago 2795 Views No comments

We’ve rounded up three of our favourite questions amongst the many interesting questions for Dr Georgia Lee to answer.

DrGL® Six Step Skincare Routine

By DrGL® 2 years ago 960 Views No comments

We’ve condensed the DrGL® skincare routine into 6 simple steps anyone can follow for maximum efficacy, minimum fuss.

3 Reasons To Invest In A Good Cleanser

By DrGL® 2 years ago 1006 Views No comments

If you’re trying to get your skin to look flawless, we’ve got some inside news for you. Ready? Good skin starts with...

5 Signs Your Skin Has Changed

By Pearlyn Tham 3 years ago 721 Views No comments

Is your skin suddenly reacting with products you have been using all along? These 5 signs may call for you to change up your skincare routine.

Make Every Step of Your Anti-Aging Skin Care Routine Count

By DrGL® 3 years ago 938 Views No comments

Here at DrGL®, we believe that every second of your skin care routine matters in preventing aging, right from the very first step.