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3 Common Skin Woes in Your 40s and 50s

By Simone Wu 11 months ago 7869 Views No comments

By the time you hit 40, you would have (more or less) settled on the skincare products that work for you; then, life throws you a curveball. A decline in estrogen in your 40s, brings about hormonal changes that creates gradual but noticeable changes in the skin; leading to a new set of skin issues in our 40s and 50s.

3 Major Signs of Sun Damage And What You Can Do About Them

By Pearlyn Tham 11 months ago 4664 Views No comments

Dealing with sunburns, uneven skin tone, pigmentation and wrinkly dry skin from all the years of sun-worshiping? Reverse these signs of sun damages with our tips and tricks.

How To Keep Skin Hydrated This Summer

By Simone Wu 1 years ago 4634 Views No comments

The thing about living in a country that is hot and very humid is, your skin tend to produce a lot of sebum, causing your skin to more likely host bacteria. This can lead to clogged pores, making us more prone to breakouts, too. Find out how you can keep your skin hydrated without clogging your pores or breaking out.

Your Ultimate Summer Holiday Must-haves Checklist

By DrGL® 1 years ago 4538 Views No comments

Whether you're frolicking at the Mediterranean Sea or shopping on the streets of Bangkok; keeping your skin happy for a sunny getaway can be a real challenge. Tick off this checklist of summer must-haves so your skin is prepped, protected and maintained even after your holidays.

3 Essential Beauty Treatments to Achieve the Perfect Summer Glow

By Simone Wu 1 years ago 4577 Views No comments

Natural-looking luminosity is not something you can simply create with a little coral blush, bronzer or contouring powder. The key to all healthy-looking, summer complexions is firm skin that is hydrated, and stays hydrated. Learn how.

3 Anti-Aging Facials To Lift And Firm The Skin

By Simone Wu 1 years ago 5154 Views No comments

As fine lines become more defined and skin along the jawline starts to sag, you know your skin needs a bit more help to get it looking fresh and feeling firm again. Check out these 3 facials that offer essential treats that gets your skin looking healthy again.

Here’s Why You Need To Do a Monthly Facial

By Pearlyn Tham 1 years ago 3620 Views No comments

Yes, you've perfected your daily cleansing, weekly exfoliating and skin care but will you be able to do as thorough a job as a professional facialist with their high-tech tools and machines?

8 Easy Ways To Work Self Care Into Your Everyday Life

By Pearlyn Tham 1 years ago 3438 Views No comments

Too busy to take care of yourself?

How to Classify Skin

By Simone Wu 1 years ago 3684 Views No comments

Before you blame your next skincare purchase for your skin issues, know this: you could have been using the wrong skincare all of this time, and that is why it wasn’t working.

A Painless, Non-invasive Skin-lifting Treatment For All Skin Types

By Simone Wu 1 years ago 4044 Views No comments

Not keen on invasive face procedures like surgical facelifts or minimally invasive thread lifts? How about a non-invasive, needleless face-lifting treatment.