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Pampering Skin Treats For Mother's Day

By Pearlyn Tham 1 years ago 3660 Views No comments

Admit it: Mother's Day's coming along, you have not shopped for a gift yet. Or maybe you have simply run out of gift ideas. Before you panic, read our little gift guide that might just come in handy for you this occasion.

Here’s Why You Need To Do a Monthly Facial

By Pearlyn Tham 1 years ago 3621 Views No comments

Yes, you've perfected your daily cleansing, weekly exfoliating and skin care but will you be able to do as thorough a job as a professional facialist with their high-tech tools and machines?

8 Easy Ways To Work Self Care Into Your Everyday Life

By Pearlyn Tham 1 years ago 3439 Views No comments

Too busy to take care of yourself?

Say Goodbye to Dull Skin with Guasha Therapy

By Simone Wu 2 years ago 3845 Views No comments

Not a fan of machine-aided face treatments but you prefer something more intense than your therapist’s hands? Look no further than facials that incorporate guasha techniques to promote skin radiance and firmness.

6 Solutions For A V-Shaped Face

By DrGL® 3 years ago 4022 Views No comments

6 simple ways to achieve a defined, V-shaped face without surgery.