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6 Reasons Why Your Skin Has Lost Its Gorgeous Glow

By Pearlyn Tham 8 months ago 1222 Views No comments

From hormonal changes to good ol’ dehydration, these are the obstacles to getting radiant and glowy skin

You Ask, I Tell – September 2018 Edition

By DrGL® 1 years ago 856 Views No comments

Every month, we take this chance to answer beauty questions submitted through DrGL®’s social media platforms. We’ve rounded up three of our favourite questions amongst many interesting ones for Dr Georgia Lee’s expert opinion.

Look For These In A Good Moisturiser

By Pearlyn Tham 2 years ago 845 Views No comments

Discover the key ingredients you should look out for before buying that moisturiser.

5 Everyday Habits Which Can Lead To Dry Skin

By Pearlyn Tham 2 years ago 772 Views No comments

Discover 5 of your everyday habits which can unknowingly lead to dry skin.

Top Beauty Questions Of 2017 Answered By Dr Georgia Lee Part II

By DrGL® 2 years ago 878 Views No comments

Dr Georgia Lee answers some of the most Googled Beauty questions of 2017 Part II.

How To Prep Skin For This Party Season

By DrGL® 2 years ago 931 Views No comments

Christmas feasts and New Year’s parties are upon us once again. While we’re all for indulging, all that festivity and merriment can take a toll on our skin.

7 Commandments Of Anti-Aging

By DrGL® 2 years ago 939 Views No comments

Turn back the clock with these 7 golden rules of anti-aging skincare.

5 Reasons Why You Should Never Let Your Skin Go Thirsty

By Pearlyn Tham 2 years ago 883 Views No comments

Because keeping your skin well-hydrated is the first and most important step to making it look healthy.

DrGL®’s Top 10 Best Sellers

By DrGL® 2 years ago 952 Views No comments

Since its inception, DrGL® skincare has won critical acclaim and recognition. Here are our top 10 products customers swear by.