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Pampering Skin Treats For Mother's Day

By Pearlyn Tham 1 years ago 3660 Views No comments

Admit it: Mother's Day's coming along, you have not shopped for a gift yet. Or maybe you have simply run out of gift ideas. Before you panic, read our little gift guide that might just come in handy for you this occasion.

How to Classify Skin

By Simone Wu 1 years ago 3684 Views No comments

Before you blame your next skincare purchase for your skin issues, know this: you could have been using the wrong skincare all of this time, and that is why it wasn’t working.

You Ask, I Tell - September 2017 Edition

By Pearlyn Tham 3 years ago 6222 Views No comments

We’ve rounded up three of our favourite questions amongst the many interesting questions for Dr Georgia Lee to answer.

5 leading causes of sensitive skin and what you can do about it

By DrGL® 3 years ago 4105 Views No comments

Want to know what causes sensitive skin?

5 Signs Your Skin Has Changed

By Pearlyn Tham 3 years ago 4043 Views No comments

Is your skin suddenly reacting with products you have been using all along? These 5 signs may call for you to change up your skincare routine.