How to Combat Hair Loss and Perfect Your Maintenance Routine

How to Combat Hair Loss and Perfect Your Maintenance Routine

Caring for your hair and preventing hair loss problems go beyond using the right shampoo and conditioner. Almost everything you do, from what you eat, the amount of sleep you get, hormonal changes as well as stress levels, contributes to the health of your scalp and hair growth. While you may have heard that you should treat the scalp the way you care for your face, the reality is you need to treat it better.

Mind the Scalp

Unlike the skin on the face, the one covering scalp is thicker. It carries more blood than the rest of your skin to deliver nutrients for healthy hair growth. The scalp has more sebaceous glands to produce sebum to protect hair. Having more sebaceous glands also means that hair follicles can get clogged up more easily than pores on the face. That makes it’s especially important to cleanse your scalp thoroughly. If sebum builds up on top of dead skin cells and dirt, hair follicles become clogged and can lead to scalp problems such as hair thinning, hair loss and dandruff.

Reduce the Likelihood of Losing Hair

Everyone is prone to hair loss and it can begin as early as in your early 20s. On a regular day, you’re supposed to lose up to 100 strands, every day. However, it can sometimes feel like you’re losing more than that; that hair is everywhere, in your shower drain, in your brush, on your clothes, and on the bedroom floor.

Most hair loss situations are gradual; they are results of poor hair care maintenance, poor styling habits and/or excessive chemical treatments. You probably don’t even know that you’re losing hair. If you find that hair doesn’t seem to be growing back (give this a month or two), or you’re losing clumps of hair (which is not normal hair fall), you should consult a dermatologist.

How to Improve Your Hair Care Routine

Whether you have a hair loss issue or not, you should start a proper hair care routine to prevent hair loss issues. There are plenty of hair care products you can add to your routine now but to keep things simple and effective, here are four such habits you should get started on to improve your daily maintenance routine for healthier scalp and hair.

Tip #1: Wash Your Hair Every Day

When you skip shampoo, the sebum produced by the scalp remains, and as the scalp continues to produce sebum as part of its daily processes, more sebum builds up on the scalp. To add to this build-up is dead skin cells as the scalp sheds every day, and the sweat it produces. This build-up clogs hair follicles and coats the hair, which allows micro particles from exhaust gas, cigarette smoke, dust and odours to stick to the hair surface. And if you don’t wash your hair, this gunk not only goes to bed with you, it will start to irritate the scalp and pave the way to hair loss.

Ideally you should wash your hair twice a day, says Sam Chok, hairstylist from Passion Hair Salon. In the morning to remove the sebum and dead skin cells produced by the scalp over the night, and before you sleep, to remove the debris collected over the day. And if you find this terribly difficult to do, the least you must do is to wash your hair once a day, every day.

TRY: DrGL® Cleanser Hair (Anti-Hairloss). Suitable for all scalp types, this shampoo is formulated with essential vitamins, repairing peptides and powerful growth factors to nourish and protect hair from root to tip.

Tip #2: Apply a Hair Tonic Before Hair Loss Begins

Like how you would include anti-agers to your skincare routine, you should also apply an anti-hair loss tonic every night on clean scalp. This helps strengthen and protect the scalp and hair from external aggressors the scalp faces every day.

TRY: DrGL® Solution Hair (Anti-Hairloss). This lightweight, non-greasy leave-in serum works to nourish, strengthen hair and stimulate regrowth without leaving a sticky residue or weighing it down. help stimulate regrowth.

Tip #3: Pop a Pill

Unless you are following a strict nutrient plan, it is often difficult to have healthy meals every day for the whole year. Give your skin and scalp the much-needed nutrients through oral supplements. And since the scalp is an extension of the skin, any vitamin supplements can contribute positively to the scalp as well.

TRY: DrGL® Skin Supplement Glow. This is made with all-natural ingredient, including phytofloral and tomato extracts. It promises to speed up skin healing and collagen production, while reducing and preventing redness and pigmentation.

Tip #4: Go for Monthly In-salon Scalp Treatments

No. Your hairstylist is not trying to trick you into spending more money. Hair treatments have their place in our beauty routines. Like your monthly facials, a monthly deep cleansing scalp treatment works to truly remove all the debris left behind from not only the dirt and pollutants in the air but also from your daily hair care and styling products. They also help you understand your scalp condition, especially the establishments like DrHair® that offer scalp analysis to help identify the treatment you need.

No matter your scalp condition, scalp treatments such as the DrHair® Deep Cleanse unclogs hair follicles, and works to balance the scalp condition, boost blood circulation, promote nutrient absorption, reduce any inflammation and itching, and maintain scalp health for healthy hair growth.