How to Get Party Ready Hair For The Holidays

How to Get Party Ready Hair For The Holidays

From wardrobe, to makeup, now hair! Having fabulous, show-stopping hair is what we all want to achieve for every holiday and New Year’s Eve festivities. To spruce up your appearance this holiday, all you need is to pay a little extra attention to your hair! Consider this your holiday hair guide.

Get a Trim

All you need is a quick trim to freshen up your look, or, if you are brave enough, go all out and make the big chop for a change! Transform your normal everyday look to something special.

Color Refresh

Take your look to another level and get your hair coloured or highlighted. Believe it or not, hair colours frame the face. Play around with colours and highlights to make your face appear slimmer. Seek your hairdresser for professional advice as they will be able to identify the right shades of colour that best suit you.

Condition Hair

Continuous usage of hair conditioner nourishes your hair. It helps with de-tangling and makes your hair feel softer and smoother. Avoid your roots while conditioning, as hair closer to the scalp is healthier but the ends tend to be drier and require more attention.

DrGL®’s Conditioner Hair Total Repair repairs, nourishes and protects the hair in one breezy step. Soybean seed extract is incorporated in the proprietary formula as one the key ingredients, which strengthens and boosts moisture while Squalene helps retain moisture and protect your locks against UV damage. We love a multifunctional product!

Hair Mask

Never underestimate hair masks as they can change the radiance and health of your hair. Apply it in the shower and leave it on for awhile, or even while you go to sleep, to boost the effectiveness of your hair mask. Do it once or twice a week for smoother and bouncier hair. Don’t forget to give your hair the restoration it needs!

Hair Treatment

Having the best hair game is one thing. However, with so much styling and hair products involved in the process, it could cause product build-up and damage on the scalp. Hair confidence always starts with feeling like you have the cleanest scalp on earth! DrGL®’s Deep Cleanse treatment does the job. It uses proprietary peptides and purifying actives to unclog and thoroughly cleanses sebum build-up from hair products that you use daily. The treatment also improves blood circulation to stimulate your hair follicles for better hair growth.

Protect & Style

Your hair takes a lot of damage from the heat whenever you style it with a hot styling tool. Always protect your hair to prevent it from being damaged with a heat protectant spray before styling.

With these tips and tricks, you, and your hair are now ready take on the endless holiday parties and get-togethers. Flutter from party to party with your tresses still looking fantabulous!