How To Get That Glass Skin Glow in 4 Easy Steps

How To Get That Glass Skin Glow in 4 Easy Steps

Cleanse, tone, and use a serum and a moisturiser – done!

Trust the Korean beauty scene to always come up with new trends and terms that we all covet.

And one of these is the idea of “glass skin”. Glass what? Glass skin refers to a perfectly poreless, dewy, supple and shiny-like-glass complexion – just what you need for that awesome Instagram selfie (goodbye, filters!). But to get it, you need a lot of hard work or, to be exact, about 10 to 12 steps in your daily skincare routine.

If that sounds like too much work (and time) for you, here is a condensed cheatsheet to getting glowy glass skin.

First, don’t overlook the importance of that basic cleansing step. We tend to think of this as what we need to swipe off makeup at the end of the day. But cleansing actually does more than this. It can help to remove dead skin cells which are best likened to skin debris. Think of an ocean laden with rubbish. It will look dirty and murky. The same idea applies to your skin. If it is not cleansed well, dead skin cells stay on the surface, making your skin look dull and old. The double whammy: these skin debris also block light from reflecting off your skin so you will never look glowy.

Of course, you have to choose the right cleanser too. If getting brighter skin is your end goal, use one made for that purpose. For instance, the DrGL® Cleanser Lightening evens out skin tone while it cleanses, thanks to its high levels of stabilised vitamin C, a potent skin-brightening ingredient. Vitamin C also acts as an antioxidant, helping to repair sun and oxidative damage along the way.

There’s also DrGL® Cleanser Lightening Plus, kind of like a revved up version of Cleanser Lightening. It is formulated with hyaluronic acid which keeps your skin well-hydrated (a plus since most brightening skincare tends to be drying). When skin isn’t parched, it looks more supple and dewy, and is able to reflect light better, giving you a natural radiance. This comes in two sizes: 100ml and a more generous 240ml. The reason? You can use it on your body too – having glass skin all over must be the ultimate beauty luxury!

The second product that you should always add to your routine is a toner. A toner is like the wingman to the cleanser – the two of them work hand in hand for better results. A toner generally swipes off any dirt or residue that the cleanser may have missed out on. The DrGL® Toner Lightening is made with the same potent Vitamin C used in the cleansers so your skin can get a further brightening boost.

While the Korean “glass skin” regimen always includes extras like masks and scrubs, here’s our secret quick fix: the DrGL® Post Cleanser Step 2. This is actually a refinishing serum that is suitable for all skin types but especially good for oily skin. It uses a mild lactic acid to gently exfoliate skin, preventing further dead skin build-up which causes dullness. Lactic acid generally does not irritate skin and it has hydrating benefits, which makes the Post Cleanser a gentler alternative to harsh grainy scrubs or chemical peels.

Lastly, always remember to moisturise. After all, dewy skin is well-quenched skin. The DrGL® Moisturiser All Skin Types not only hydrates skin with the moisture powerhouse hyaluronic acid; it also has skin-brightening Vitamin C – all that your skin needs to shine like glass.