How To Keep Skin Hydrated This Summer

How To Keep Skin Hydrated This Summer

The thing about living in a country that is hot and very humid is, you tend to sweat a lot, and your skin tend to produce a lot of sebum, which can lead to clogged pores. As the temperature of our skin tends to be warmer with 365 days of summer, the skin is more likely to host bacteria, making us more prone to breakouts, too. That also means richer moisturisers are out as they can clog pores, too.

Like wearing light clothing in summer, you should also ditch rich creams and use lightweight face moisturisers in the day. These can come on lotion, gel, gel-cream or light creamy textures, and in water-based formulas that leave the skin feeling refreshed. In the night, you can opt for richer creams if your skin is dry or gets dehydrated, especially if you sleep in an air-conditioned room.

If you find that a lightweight moisturiser in the day is not sufficient to keep your skin feeling comfortably hydrated, and a richer cream can clog your pores, you can look to other ways to maintain optimum moisture levels in the skin. Skincare-wise, you can opt for hydrating toners, hydrating serums and deep hydrating face masks. If that’s not enough, another option is to go to the professional facialists.

If you’re not keen on semi-invasive skin treatments that can plump up skin like dermal fillers, there are non-invasive face treatments that can give the skin a major moisture boost. Ahead are two treatments you can opt for.

Get A Serious Hydration Boost

The DrSpa® Needless Threadlift face treatment is a two-hour, painless face treatment that firms, tightens and sculpts facial contours. With the use of a High-Pressure Jet Air technology, it sends a skin-firming cocktail of hyaluronic acid, silk proteins and peptides to deeply and evenly penetrate skin. The facial also helps boost cell renewal, microcirculation, collagen production and cellular repair to rejuvenate skin. Suitable for all skin types, it promises to help skin retain the most optimum moisture level for up to a month.

Get a Moisture Boost and Lasting Radiance

For a post-facial, healthy skin glow that can last up to a week with a proper skincare routine, go for the 90-minute DrSpa® Repair and Rejuvenate skin treatment. An advanced GEM dermabrasion leaves the skin more luminous after one session. Great for any skin type, even the oilier ones, this skin treatment reboots sluggish skin functions with the use of an ion-wave technology to send powerful bio-phyto active ingredients deep into the skin.