How To Tell If Your Face is Aging Faster Than You Are

How To Tell If Your Face is Aging Faster Than You Are

Check out these 5 tell-tale signs to know if your face is aging faster than you are.

1. Your foundation is looking flaky

No matter how much you try evening it out or patting it down, your $200 designer foundation doesn’t appear flawless any more. Why? One of the earliest signs of skin aging is dryness. You’ll want to apply skincare like the new lightweight DrGL® Essence Anti-Aging under your makeup. It is formulated with multi-peptides that combat signs of aging at the cellular level and stimulate collagen production. This way, you’ll enjoy the best of both worlds – take care of your skin and have smoother makeup.

2. You are looking more tired in selfies

And you find yourself having to add more and more filters to them these days. For some, aging skin doesn’t start with fine lines and wrinkles first, it’s about a loss of elasticity which can make your skin look less plump and your features more mature. What causes premature skin sagging? Think smoking and a lack of sun protection – both which destroy collagen and elastin fibres in skin. Interesting fact too: smoking is said to decrease levels of estrogen, which helps to keep skin firm for women.

3. Your skin has lost its glow

You may not know it but your skin cells are hard at work every day, going through a natural turnover process. This is important as it keeps your complexion looking radiant, fresh and, well, youthful. But age and hormonal changes can slow down cell turnover, making your skin appear dull and unhealthy. The solution? Besides cleansing your face every day, exfoliate once weekly to get rid of all the dead cells that are making your skin look duller than it really is.

4. Your eyes say “hangover”… but you don’t have one

When you were younger, your eyes looked tired only after you had a few late OT nights. But as you age, you may find that they feel and appear “smaller” and puffy more easily – even if you had what you thought was a good night’s sleep. Be sure to use an eye serum or cream religiously, both in the day (apply under eye makeup) and at night. Also, if you are always squinting or crinkling your eye area (and stretching the delicate skin here), this can cause fine lines to form over time. Ask yourself why you have developed such a habit: if it’s the sun that makes you squint, wear sunglasses whenever you are outdoors; if it’s eye fatigue, check your vision and spend less time on your mobile devices.

5. You see dark spots on your face

So you don’t have a habit of applying sunscreen? It’s all good until you hit your thirties (or even your mid-twenties). This is when sun damage starts to show up as dark spots – usually on your cheeks – and makes you look older than you really are. Besides using sunscreen diligently, after-sun care is just as important. This is why the DrGL® Essence Anti-Aging is made with portulaca oleracea extract to heal irritated and inflamed skin because when skin suffers from inflammation, the first thing it does is to increase melanin production as a line of defence. The result? Dark spots.