How To Tell When You Need A Non-Invasive Lifting Treatment

How To Tell When You Need A Non-Invasive Lifting Treatment

From when you should get one to what you can expect

First, what exactly is a non-invasive face lift treatment? Like its name implies, this is a non-surgical procedure which doesn’t require the use of needles or incisions and so, won’t leave scars or wounds on your face. What this also means: such non-invasive face lifts require little to no downtime and are popular as lunchtime quickies.

There are many types of non-invasive treatments out there. Some are filler-based, others are thread-lift based while the majority uses different brands of machines that harness energy types like ultrasound energy, radiofrequency energy, laser and infrared light to give skin a subtle lift.

The energy-based procedures bypass the skin surface to heat up the deeper layers within skin, causing what is known as controlled damage. By doing this, new collagen in the skin is stimulated, giving skin a lifted, more plump appearance.

But because such non-invasive face lifts generally take about one hour to two hours, don’t expect them to work like a surgical face lift and eradicate 10 years of ageing from your face. What you can expect instead: subtle, gradual results over a few sessions. So how do you know when you need a non-invasive face lifting treatment?

When you spot the first signs of skin laxity, usually in your thirties. You may have some fine lines on your forehead, your jaw is looking less contoured, your smile starts to get a bit droopy or the skin on your chin and neck isn’t as taut as it was before. Non-invasive lifting treatments are also recommended for younger patients who are not yet ready for surgery, whether mentally or financially, but who want to look fresh-faced and more “alert” for work.

Or you may want to opt for a non-surgical option to look good for a special occasion like your wedding or a company video shoot. You would also benefit most from such treatments if you have minimal loss of facial volume. If your skin has too many loose folds and has lost a lot of fat, a surgical facelift will produce better results. Such non-invasive face lifts won’t target sunken cheeks and hollowed-out eye areas too.

Also, if you like to sun-tan a lot (without applying copious amounts of sunblock), smoke and go on crash diets, these treatments won’t help you over time because your lifestyle habits are breaking down new collagen in skin 24/7.