Keep Your Scalp Free And Healthy All Summer Long

Keep Your Scalp Free And Healthy All Summer Long

Summer round the clock calls for a hair routine that keeps the scalp fresh and less oily. With the weather getting hotter, the scalp needs more attention to continue feeling great.

For a start, if you don’t already know, more sweat is produced. And that means all the debris collected on the scalp pretty much stays even longer on the scalp, clogging up the follicles. You need to wash your hair once a day at night, and if you’re outdoors most of the time, shampoo twice a day. Skip warm or hot water to wash your locks, and use cool or room temperature water. Hot water can dry out the scalp, causing it to produce even more oil. If you find things looking flat and greasy atop your head, take your conditioning game down a notch. The conditioner that you were using may have been just perfect but with the warmer weather, switch to a lighter conditioner. If you have damaged hair or if your hair is very dry, you can still use your hair oils but remember to use less of it and to keep it at the hair ends.

When Home Care is Not Enough

If these adjustments are not working out for you, you may be tempted to reach for a clarifying shampoo. It may or may not be great for your scalp and hair but just so you know, a clarifying shampoo could remove all the debris and excess oil from your scalp, but it can also dry out your scalp, prompting it to produce more oil. It’s the scalp’s natural reaction to produce itself from getting too dry. So, if you can’t get a good cleanse from your shampoo or a clarifying shampoo, the next best option is to balance your scalp is to go for a scalp-cleansing treatment such as the DrHair® Deep Cleanse. The scalp-cleansing treatment begins with a meticulous scalp review. At DrHair®, professional equipment is used to do an in-depth check on your scalp. Expect the hair professional to look at your hair follicles with an image magnifier, and based on your test results, he or she would be able to diagnose your existing scalp conditions.

Suitable for all scalp conditions, the refreshing DrHair® Deep Cleanse doesn’t just unclog hair follicles and wash away all the icky stuff, it also helps to balance the scalp condition, boost blood circulation, promote nutrient absorption, reduce any inflammation and itching, and strengthen the scalp for healthy hair growth. You can do this treatment once a month if you have oily scalp, and once every two months, if you have normal to dry scalp.