Make Your Eyes Look Younger

Make Your Eyes Look Younger

Some days, I feel that my eyes are ageing faster than any other part of/on me.

They look tired and feel that way too – it’s as if I didn’t have enough sleep, even when I had eight hours of it. The inner corners of my eyes look like they have caved in a little more whereas the outer corners have drooped. The distance between my brows and lashes seems lesser, which indicates some form of sagging. Before I apply my under-eye concealer, I need to slather on eye cream so that the makeup glides on more smoothly.

And you’d probably spot some of these signs too if you misuse and abuse your eyes every day. Cue: you spend half of your day staring at tiny fonts and figures on a too-bright laptop screen and spend the other half of it peering at messages, photos and videos on your smartphone. Then, even when you are in bed, you are binge-watching dramas or playing games on your tablet – usually positioned just 5cm away from your face – until you doze off.

If you think about it, our eyes really bear the brunt of our modern-day habits. Well, more than our nose and lips do, at least. We squint on a sunny day, blink frequently when our eyes feel dry from computer work, apply eyeshadows and mascara roughly, then remove all of this just as roughly. The irony: the skin around the eyes is very delicate and yet it is more overworked than the skin on our cheeks or nose.

It’s no wonder that when you compare photos of celebs or even friends who haven’t aged well over the decades, their eyes are usually the first tell-tale features. A wrinkly under-eye area, dark circles, saggy skin and ­– something that even the best makeup can’t cover – a general look of fatigue can make one appear older.

Here’s how to give your eyes some SOS or TLC.

1. If you are out in the sun a lot

If we’re talking about our kind of sun, that means you’ll be squinting and blinking a lot. Unless you put on some sunnies – there’s nothing vain or celeb-channelling about doing so; it’s really more about shielding your peepers from the bright UV rays. Remember: the more eye movements you make, the more stress you place on the delicate area around your eyes. But don’t forget to protect the skin here too. Very few beauty brands actually make suncare for the eye area so you can use a lightweight gel or lotion formula that’s for your face. And just dab on a couple of drops of this. Use too much of anything creamy and oily around your eyes (and without a proper cleansing routine) and you may cause milia seeds to form over the long term.

2. If you wear makeup all the time

Apply it gently in the eye area so that you don’t tug at the skin here too much. When removing makeup, be sure to invest in a good makeup remover or cleanser that does most of the dissolving work for you so you don’t have to over-rub and over-tug.

3. If you use the computer 24/7

Actually, if you use anything IT, which also includes your handphone, tablet and so on. Staring incessantly at the screen can dry out your eyes, which then makes you squint – not a good thing if you want to keep away the fine lines. Apply eye drops to moisten your eyes every now and then or look away into the distance and blink lightly every 10 to 15 minutes. I once went blind temporarily in one eye because I was using the computer and in a dry, air-conditioned environment at that for more than 10 hours every day. My specialist told me that drying out the eyes can cause extreme blurring and loss of vision.

4. Choose the right eye care

I personally like having a few eye care products in my stash. As extravagant as this may sound, it’s really akin to how you might use one shade of lipstick for work and another shade for a night out partying. In the day, it’s a lightweight, quick-drying formula which I layer under my concealer (a non-cream-based one won’t make your makeup streak). At night, I use a richer cream because I sleep in an air-conditioned room. And when I need to run errands near my home and do not want to apply concealer, I use yet another eye cream that either has SPF or one with light-reflecting properties to conceal my dark rings slightly.

Former women’s magazine editor Pearlyn Tham bought her first foam cleanser and liquid foundation at the age of 13. More than 20 years later, she has since moved on to eye creams, liquid lipsticks and – her security blanket – sunscreens.

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