Make Your New Year Resolutions Stick In 2018

Make Your New Year Resolutions Stick In 2018

It’s January and we all know what that means. As 2018 commences, we find ourselves automatically making resolutions to change something about ourselves for the year ahead. With the beginning of the New Year, it’s time to set goals, get inspired and create new routines.

Here’s a fact to start the year: More than half of all New Year resolutions fail.

The good news is, you don’t have to be part of this statistic. Here’s how you can beat the odds with some useful hacks for making resolutions you can actually stick to.

1. Just pick one thing and focus on it

Don’t be too ambitious and try to change everything about your life all at once. Instead, choose one area of your life you’d like to focus on. According to studies, you’re more likely to succeed if you only make one New Year’s resolution and focus all your efforts there.

Focus on one major goal you want to achieve this year and be specific about it. For example, if your goal is to lose weight, state how much weight you intend to lose by a specific date.

2. Start small

We often aim big with unrealistic resolutions and expect miracles to happen. The trick to success is to start small with baby steps. Over time, you’ll realise that small steps lead to big strides. If your resolution for 2018 is to get more rest, try sleeping 15 minutes earlier every day for a month. Gauge your success rate after a month and try sleeping earlier in slow increments.

Taking small, consistent steps towards an achievable goal ensures greater success compared to setting the bar too high and getting demoralised.

3. Pick the right resolution

Many resolutions fail because they are not the right ones. Set a goal that’s meaningful and doable. The trick to getting your resolutions right is to have the perfect reason behind the resolution to start with.

Pick one habit you most want to change and think of the reason why, so that you can remind yourself why you wanted to make the change in the first place when you falter.

4. Have a plan

Now that you have a specific goal to work towards and a valid reason why, you’re on track for success! However, your goal isn’t going to just appear. Have a plan detailing how you’re going to work towards your goal. As you plan for success, think about the potential barriers that might get in your way and identify contingency plans for how you’ll respond during those moments.

Remember to be flexible when life gets in the way. Instead of giving up, get a backup plan.

5. Track your progress

Self-monitoring increases the probability of sticking to your resolution and keeping track of your progress is the key to success. Measurements are a good source of motivation because you can reflect on where you started compared to where you stand at the moment.

Looking back and seeing how well you’ve stuck to your plan will also motivate you to stay on your new path.

6. Enlist support

Having the support of those around you dramatically increases your odds of success. Share your resolution with friends and family who can offer support when you’re wavering and encouragement to keep you going.

Sharing your resolutions and discussing your progress with friends and family members can help keep you on track.

7. Accept slip-ups

None of us are perfect. Don’t allow temporary lapses or failures to get you down and make you give up. Resilience is the key! If you had a bad day, just accept that you’ve had a bad day and that tomorrow is a new day to start over. Be compassionate with yourself, acknowledge slip ups and move on while always staying focused on your goal.

Make 2018 your best year yet!


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