Personalised Results
Derived from a unique combination of your stated concerns, as well as our analysis of your face, and living environment.
Clever Algorithms
That analyse 68 data points on your bare-faced selfie. Science doesn’t lie.
Lifestyle Considerations
Where you live matters. We measure pollution levels, the amount of UV radiation, and humidity levels and factor that into your results.
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  1. Find good, even lighting. Natural light is best so that there are few shadows and direct light on your face.
  2. Remove any eyewear.
  3. Pull hair back from your face.
  4. Take the selfie with a bare face (no makeup)
  5. Face the camera directly with a neutral face (don’t smile), so frowns or dimples aren’t mistaken for wrinkles.
Use this to track your skin’s improvement/condition over time when you use our products. For consistent results, take a selfie using the same smartphone and under similar lighting conditions.
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How accurate is the Skin Analyser?
Our Skin Analyser uses an artificial intelligence algorithm to detect 68 points on your face, analyse and compare them with over 10,000 graded photographs to determine your skin condition. It looks at fine lines, eyebags, redness, hyperpigmentation and dark circles, vis-à-vis your selected concerns, environmental factors, and lifestyle considerations to determine your results.
Who curated the product recommendations?
All recommended products are curated by Dr Georgia Lee and her team.
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