Pampering Skin Treats For Mother’s Day

Pampering Skin Treats For Mother's Day

She’s the most important woman in your life so here’s our handy little gift guide for her

Admit it: with Mother’s Day coming along, you may not have shopped for a gift yet. Or maybe you have simply run out of gift ideas: flowers wilt fast in our weather, your mother has enough jewellery to wear for a lifetime and she’s not going to be very pleased if you get her another household appliance again.

If your mum is anything like us, here’s what we think she will love this Mother’s Day – a pampering spa day out with a relaxing facial or body treatment. Or get her both! After all, while being a mother is a 24/7 job, she will definitely enjoy an hour or two of precious #metime in the hands of an experienced, skillful therapist.

If she has sensitive skin

So mum’s skin always reacts to hormonal changes or other stressors like pollutants? No worries – the DrSpa® Clean & Soothe facial is designed for sensitive skin types like hers. This gentle treatment calms and soothes skin redness but more importantly, it helps to protect skin’s natural moisture barrier. When this is compromised, everything literally falls apart and skin sensitivity can be triggered.

If she has ageing skin

She has spent decades taking care of you, enduring sleepless nights when you were ill and waiting up for you when you came home late… and it’s now all showing on her face. Help mum to rejuvenate her complexion with the DrSpa® Platinum NanoPlus facial which uses 99.99 per cent pure platinum nano colloids to reduce the appearance of wrinkles, fine lines and crow’s feet.

If she loves a touch of TCM

East meets West in the DrSpa® Guasa Healing facial which, like its name suggests, is inspired by traditional Chinese Guasa therapy. Great for dull-looking skin, this brightening treatment incorporates face massage techniques that help to detoxify skin, improve blood circulation and regenerate collagen production. It uses four guasa methods, which will surely be of interest to the mother who loves all things Asian and traditional.

If she has sagging skin

Give her face a painless, non-invasive lift with DrSpa® Needleless Threadlift. It uses the advanced DermoJet PRO+ technology to deliver concentrated actives like hyaluronic acid actives and multi-peptides deep into the skin. These act as fillers to even out wrinkles and fine lines, and also give the skin an instant lifting, firming and tightening effect.

If she has dry, ageing skin

Well-hydrated skin always looks more youthful. Yes, it’s as simple as that! This is why the DrSpa® HA+ Optimiser facial is made to instantly up skin’s hydration levels, retaining these for at least 28 days. How does it do all this? The treatment uses a pure premium-grade hyaluronic acid and an advanced IonWave technology to keep skin smooth, glowing and plumped up.

If she has stubborn cellulite

The DrSpa® Slim & Contour body treatment uses the Body LiposlimCare technology to burn stubborn fat, reduce the appearance of cellulite and firm up skin. The result: a slimmer, more contoured body. There’s also DrSpa® Shape & Lift Dynamic which uses an advanced aerodynamic air suction technology – think pressurised air – to re-energise skin cells. The purpose for this? To promote lymphatic drainage and eliminate stubborn fat and cellulite. Maybe mum will finally be brave enough to wear her swimsuit again!