Psst… Just How Do You Find The Perfect Skincare Product?

Psst… Just How Do You Find The Perfect Skincare Product?

There are a myriad ways these days: from your friend’s Instagram ravings to skincare blogs and forums and more

If you are old enough to remember a time without the Internet – let alone social media – you would probably also be old enough to remember asking your mum, aunt or elder sister for skincare recommendations.

Or you simply nicked whatever face lotion or acne cream that was lying around on their dressing tables, found that it worked for you, went on to buy more of it later for yourself, and then became yet another lifelong convert.

While that may sound prehistoric and uncool now to the smartphone-wielding millennial generation, getting recommendations and tips from family and friends was surely one of the main ways to find out more about a new, untested product.

Word-of-mouth recommendations have always been one of the top and most successful ways for brands and marketers to introduce their products and services to more potential customers. After all, if someone you know can swear by the benefits of a skincare product, chances are it is credible and may work for you too.

Even today, word-of-mouth remains one of the main ways for most of us to know more about any skincare product. Or maybe, it would be more apt to call it word-of-social-media these days.

There is a reason why certain beauty and celebrity influencers on Youtube and Instagram command such high fees for endorsing and talking about products. They are the modern-day family member/friend whom you turn to – and at any time of the day (or night) too! – when you want to see if a certain face mask really lives up to its advertised claims or when you want to know how a social media personality always has such glowing, flawless skin (but watch out for hints of Photoshop and filters though).

Even “ordinary” people can become mini influencers in their own little social circles nowadays. How so? Notice how your friends and colleagues now use Instagram Stories to show off their skincare buys and routines? You may have been intrigued by some of these and would have shot them a PM to ask if the anti-ageing serum really works on fine lines or if they like the latest eye cream from the brand that you both love.

Or you may turn to complete strangers on skincare forums when you want to Google more about a mask that you’ve been thinking of purchasing.

Another age-old way in which you can find the perfect skincare product is through beauty magazines and websites. Besides articles and reviews on skincare must-haves, some of these even have annual beauty awards campaigns which reveal the best of the best in various skincare categories, all tested and approved by beauty writers, editors and industry insiders, of course.

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