Satisfied Customer Reviews With Diana

Satisfied Customer Reviews With Diana

Today, we’re sharing Diana Ong’s experience with you as part of Satisfied Customer Reviews.

Diana, 37, a faithful customer of DrGL®, is a mother of two and is currently working as a sales director. On weekdays, she has to be up early to prepare the kids and make sure they are on time for school. She then heads out for work from nine in the morning, up till seven where she gets off. Due to her busy schedule, she often eats irregular meals and works late nights.

Diana has been a loyal customer of our skincare products. However, she has finally decided to give DrHair®’s Hair Defence Treatment a shot. Here’s what she has to say:

1. What does your daily hair routine include? (Shampoo and Conditioning, Haircare, How do you usually style your hair, etc.?)

I’d use the blow dryer after shampooing and conditioning, followed by hair tonic or serum and I style my hair daily with a hair tong.

2. What were your hair concerns and why?

I face dry and oily hair/scalp due to hectic work schedules and late nights.

3. How was the treatment process?

The whole treatment process was excellent and professional. The therapist was patient and explained the treatment that is required for my scalp. Since treatments are customised to individual’s needs, it began with a scalp analysis on the crown and the sides of my head to understand the condition of my scalp better.

The treatment room was very relaxing and comfy altogether. I loved the aroma head massage as it has helped me to relieve stress and tension. Next up, was the scalp exfoliation followed by a scalp spray after washing my hair. My scalp would feel fresh and clean after every treatment.

4. How did you feel after the very first treatment?

One of the best scalp treatments I have ever done especially at an affordable price. My hair feels so much smoother and fresh.

5. What were your favourite products?

I love DrGL®’s Anti Hairloss Solution and Conditioner Hair Total Repair. The solution smells good and it’s easy to apply. The conditioner leaves my hair smooth and easy to manage during styling.

6. Feel/notice any differences in your scalp/hair post treatment and after using the products?

Yes definitely! My scalp feels lighter and the texture of my hair feels smoother.

It’s important to seek treatment early if you’re experiencing scalp problems to avoid potential hair loss. If you want to experience the wonders of our treatments, join us on the journey towards healthier hair and scalp!


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