Satisfied Customer Reviews With Elizabeth

Satisfied Customer Reviews With Elizabeth

Today, as part of Satisfied Customer Reviews, we’re sharing Elizabeth Lim’s experience with you.

Elizabeth, 54, is a lecturer and a beauty queen. Her schedule can be pretty hectic as she teaches an average of six hours a day, Saturdays included! It gets especially packed when the exam period is near because she has to write assessment books for the students as well.

Moreover, on top of her already busy schedule, she usually attends two beauty events in a week as Classic Mrs. Asia International 2016.

Elizabeth discovered DrHair through a magazine one day and decided to let us come to her rescue.

Here are questions regarding Elizabeth’s first Anti-Hairloss Treatment with us that you may find interesting:

1. What does your daily hair routine include? (Shampoo and Conditioning, Haircare, How do you usually style your hair, etc.)

I would shampoo my hair and occasionally use hair masks. I try to apply hair oil when I have the time. I’d usually visit the hair salon at least once or twice a month to keep my hair looking fresh for events. I don’t really style my own hair, most of time, I just blow dry it.

2. What were your hair concerns and why?

Thinning and greying, because of that if I don’t style it properly, it will look flat.I used to go for root touch-ups bi-weekly. I try to reduce touching up the roots too often now.

3. How was the treatment process?

The treatment process was pretty relaxing. The Derma Rolling Technique felt a little “pokey” on my scalp. But overall, I enjoyed the whole process.

4. How did you feel after the first treatment?

Right after the treatment, my hair felt bouncier and my scalp felt very clean to the point where I did not wash it over the next two days.On the plus side, I could see immediate results the minute June the therapist scanned my scalp.

5. What were your favourite products?

I have used Cleanser Anti-Hairloss, Conditioner Total Repair, and Solution Anti-Hairloss. I realised after using the products, I could really see a difference in the amount of hair accumulated in the shower drain. I could totally tell that there’s lesser hair fall after using the products!

6. Feel/notice any differences in your scalp post-treatment, and after using the products?

I feel now that my scalp is less oily than usual. I used to have a sensitive scalp and I’d scratch it when it feels itchy sometimes which I’m sure I’m not supposed to, as doing so would irritate it further.

However, after the treatment and using the products, I noticed that I don’t scratch my scalp as much anymore, because I don’t feel the itchiness.

If similar to Elizabeth, you want to experience scalp revitalization, call and book your appointment with us today if you’re experiencing scalp problems or would like to boost your scalp health.


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