Post Cleanser Step 2

Post Cleanser Step 2


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Product Description


Uncover the beauty hidden beneath the surface of your skin. This mild chemical peel gently sloughs off dead skin cells to reveal the gorgeous new cells underneath. Gentle enough for regular use, it's like giving yourself the fresh, glowing results of a facial every day.

Available in one size only - 38ml.

The DrGL® Difference


Unlike other alpha hydroxy acids, the Lactic Acid in this formula not only exfoliates without irritating skin, it hydrates at the same time. Also known as milk acid, it has been well documented as an active ingredient in skin rejuvenation through the centuries; Cleopatra is said to have bathed in milk to improve her complexion – science has proven her right.
How to Use


For first time users, phase in the product by using it twice a week and gradually increase frequency of use. Start with a gentler initial application using cotton pads.

For oily skin, use twice daily after cleansing steps (Cleanser & Toner). For mature skin, use once daily after cleansing at night. 

For best effect, apply directly over the skin after the skin gets acclimatised to the product with time. Gently pat on skin, starting from the nose and T-zone area, not forgetting the often-neglected neck area. Use the excess over the back of hands.

Follow up with serums like DrGL® Skin Repair or DrGL® Collagen Essence.

Due to its exfoliating nature, it is advisable to not use this product with scrubs.




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