Embark on your holistic beauty experience with our beauty Starter Kits thoughtfully curated for maximum efficacy, minimum fuss. It has made a difference for countless users. Today it's your turn.

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  • DrHair Regenerative Scalp System

    DrHair® Regenerative Scalp System

    Take Home Scalp Kit for Daily Use
  • Brighten-Up-Starter-Kit

    Brighten Up Starter Kit

    Suitable for: Dull Skin | Pigmentation | Uneven Skin Tone
  • Healthy-Glow-Starter-Kit

    Healthy Glow Starter Kit

    Suitable for: Dull Skin | Oily Skin | Combination Skin
  • Drink-Up-Starter-Kit

    Drink Up Starter Kit

    Suitable for: Mature Skin | Dehydrated Skin | Combination Sk...

    Out of stock

  • Healthy-Scalp-Starter-Kit

    Healthy Scalp Starter Kit

    Suitable for: Scalp Maintenance | Oily Scalp | Hair Loss Pre...
  • Hair Defence Scalp Treatment Singapore

    DrHair® Hair Defence Trial

    Preventive hair treatment to promote growth

    Regular Price: S$380.00

    Special Price S$268.00

  • DrSpa® Lift

    DrSpa® Lift Trial

    Rejuvenate skin with RF waves

    Regular Price: S$320.00

    Special Price S$228.00

  • DrSpa® HA Optimiser Skin Treatment Singapore

    DrSpa® HA+ Optimiser Trial

    Boost hydration levels for youthful radiant skin

    Regular Price: S$420.00

    Special Price S$298.00

  • DrSpa® Guasa Healing Skin Treatment Singapore

    DrSpa® Guasa Healing Trial

    Must-try treatment for dull skin

    Regular Price: S$320.00

    Special Price S$228.00

  • DrHair Deep Cleanse

    DrHair® Deep Cleanse Trial

    Deep cleansing scalp treatment to unclog the hair follicle

    Regular Price: S$188.00

    Special Price S$138.00

  • Repair & Rejuvenate (90 mins)

    DrSpa® Repair & Rejuvenate Trial

    Repairing treatment revitalises and rejuvenates your skin

    Regular Price: S$350.00

    Special Price S$248.00

  • Clean & Polish (90 mins) at TANGS

    DrSpa® Clean & Polish Trial

    Deeply cleanses and exfoliates your skin

    Regular Price: S$200.00

    Special Price S$148.00